Theology 101

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  ¿Qué decir cuando ... una amiga se pregunta por qué su joven hermana acaba de morir mientras su abusivo abuelo todavía está vivo?
  Humanae Vitae
  ¿Qué decir cuando ... Un amigo dice que sus oraciones no están siendo respondidas?
  Nuevas interpretaciones de lo que se considera un derecho humano.
  ¿Qué dices cuando … Alguien pregunta por qué tenemos que confesar nuestros pecados ante un sacerdote?
  La restauración del matrimonio
  La Iglesia doméstica
  ¿Qué es el RICA?
April 2023   Where Does the Word ‘Pentecost’ Come From?
April 2023   Bible Study and Prayer for the Feast of the Ascension
January 2023   A Heresy Quiz
January 2023   Un cuestionario sobre la herejía
December 2022   Advent, Acedia and Asceticism
December 2022   Adviento, Acedia y Ascetismo
November 2022   Por qué la materia es importante en la liturgia eucarística
November 2022   Why Matter Matters in the Eucharistic Liturgy
October 2022   Saint Mark
October 2022   Marcos
September 2022   Matthew
July August 2022   John
July August 2022   Juan
June 2022   Luke
June 2022   Lucas
May 2022   Barabbas
May 2022   Barrabás
April 2022   The Sabbath
April 2022   El Sabbat
January February 2022   The Conversion of St. Paul
January February 2022   La conversión de San Pablo
December 2021   A Christmas Lesson
December 2021   Una lección de Navidad
November 2021   Who Was Stephen, the First Martyr?
November 2021   ¿Quién era Esteban, el primer mártir?
October 2021   Who Were the Centurions Mentioned in the Gospels?
October 2021   ¿Quiénes eran los centuriones mencionados en los Evangelios?
September 2021   ¿De Dónde Viene la Palabra "Pentecostés"?
July August 2021   Who Was Pontius Pilate?
July August 2021   ¿Quién fue Poncio Pilato?
June 2021   ¿Quién era Caifás?
June 2021   Who Was Caiaphas?
May 2021   Who Were the Zealots?
May 2021   ¿Quiénes eran los zelotes?
April 2021   The Sadducees
March 2021   Who Exactly Were the Pharisees?
January February 2021   Who Exactly Was King Herod of Jesus’ Time?
November 2020   The Eucharist and the Moral Life
October 2020   The Eucharist and the Kingdom of Heaven
September 2020   The Eucharist in Salvation History
April 2020   Jesus Is the Way That Leads to Communion With God the Father
March 2020   Estamos hechos para la comunión con Dios
March 2020   We Are Made for Communion With God
January February 2020   The Ghost of Christmas Future
December 2019   An Advent Carol
October 2019   Encontrando a Jesús en LAS ÓRDENES SAGRADAS
October 2019   Encountering Jesus in the Sacrament of Holy Orders
October 2019   History of the Sacrament of Holy Orders
September 2019   Encountering Jesus in the Sacrament of Marriage
July August 2019   Encountering Christ in the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick
June 2019   Encountering Jesus in Reconciliation
May 2019   Encountering Christ in the Sacrament of the Eucharist
April 2019   Encountering Jesus in Confirmation
March 2019   Encountering Jesus in Baptism
January February 2019   Encountering Jesus in the Sacraments
December 2018   Did Jesus Claim to Be God?
October 2018   Can FAITH Coexist With Reason?
July August 2018   Is There Proof That Jesus Existed as an Historical Person?
June 2018   Does Hell Exist and Does Anybody Go There?
May 2018   Are All Religions Simply Different Paths to the Same God?
April 2018   Why Does God Allow Suffering?
April 2018   What Old Testament Prophecies Did Jesus Fulfill?
March 2018   Why Does God Remain Hidden?
January February 2018   Does God Exist?
December 2017   What Do You Say When Your Sister Wants to Argue About Religion at Family Dinners?
November 2017   What Do You Say When Your Son Says He is Now an Atheist?
October 2017   What Do You Say When My Brother Says He Feels Closer to God on a Fishing Trip Than in Church?
September 2017   What Do You Say When a Friend Has Tried Praying and Listening to God, but Hears Nothing?
July August 2017   What to Say When Family Claims Religion Doesn't Matter as Long as You're a Good Person?
June 2017   What Do You Say When a Friend Wonders Why Her Young Sister Just Died but Her Abusive Grandfather is Still Alive?
May 2017   What Do You Do When Someone Asks Why We Have to Confess Our Sins to a Priest?
April 2017   What Do You Say When a Friend Says Their Prayers Are Not Being Answered?
March 2017   What Do You Say When a Co-Worker Asks Why We Worship Mary and the Saints?
January February 2017   What Do You Say When a Co-Worker Asks You About Being Catholic?
December 2016   Lessons in Mercy: The Parable of the Sower
November 2016   Lessons in Experiencing Mercy
October 2016   Lessons in Mercy: A Woman Caught in Adultery
September 2016   Lessons in Mercy: The Unforgiving Servant
July August 2016   Mercy Begins With Spiritual Conversion
June 2016   Lessons in Mercy: The Lost Son
May 2016   Blessed Are the Merciful
April 2016   The Good Samaritan: A Lesson in Mercy
March 2016   Mercy is Love Transformed
January February 2016   What is Mercy?
January February 2016   ¿Qué es la misericordia?
December 2015   Humane Vitae and the Sanctity of Life
November 2015   The Domestic Church
October 2015   The Restoration of Marriage
June 2015   Divorce and Remarriage in the Church
May 2015   New Interpretations of What is Considered a Human Right
April 2015   The Culture of Non-Commitment
March 2015   Single-Parent Families
January February 2015   Mixed and Inter-Religious Marriages
December 2014   The Tenth Commandment: You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbor’s Goods
November 2014   The Eighth Commandment: You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbor
September 2014   The Seventh Commandment: You Shall Not Steal
June 2014   The Fifth Commandment: You Shall Not Kill
May 2014   The Fourth Commandment: Honor Your Father and Mother
April 2014   The Third Commandment: Remember the Sabbath Day, to Keep It Holy
March 2014   The Second Commandment - You Shall Not Take the Name of the Lord in Vain
January February 2014   The First Commandment: I Am the Lord Your God
December 2013   A Roadmap for Our Life in Christ the Beatitudes, Part II
November 2013   A Roadmap for Our Life in Christ – The Beatitudes
September 2013   The Celebration of the Christian Mystery: Sacraments of Initiation
July August 2013   Sacraments - The Way God is Really Present to Us
June 2013   Liturgy: Our Grateful Response to God’s Great Gift
May 2013   Pentecost How the Church Began
April 2013   We Believe in the Holy Trinity What Does That Mean?
March 2013   What Are the Ways We Know God?
January February 2013   The Catechism of the Catholic Church
December 2012   The Fundamental Truth
November 2012   What Are the Differences Among Judaism, Christianity and Islam?
September 2012   Why Don’t We Have to Follow All the Laws of the Old Testament?
June 2012   What Did Jesus Tell Us About God the Father?
May 2012   How Are We to Make Sense of God’s Justice in the Old Testament?
March 2012   Can We Read the Old Testament as History? Science? Poetry? Law?
January February 2012   What Does the Church Mean When It Says That the Sacred Scriptures Are Inspired?
December 2011   The New Roman Missal: What’s Changed? What Hasn’t?
October 2011   What Will We Be Saying at Mass? The Communion Rite
September 2011   It is Right to Give God Thanks and Praise: the Eucharistic Prayer
July August 2011   What Will We Be Saying at Mass? Preface Dialogue, Preface and Sanctus
June 2011   What Will We Be Praying at Mass? The Presidential Prayers - Propers
May 2011   The Roman Missal: The Gloria
April 2011   The Roman Missal: The Penitential Act
March 2011   What Will We Be Saying Differently at Mass?
January February 2011   Translating the Roman Missal
December 2010   The History of Liturgical Books – Part II
November 2010   The History of Liturgical Books
October 2010   Why Do We Do That at Mass?
July August 2010   ‘With Hearts and Hands and Voices’
June 2010   Singing at Liturgy
May 2010   A Different Way to Track Time – the Liturgical Year
April 2010   Same Mass – New Words What is Liturgy? Part 1 of a 14-Part Series
March 2010   How Can You Know What the Bible Really Means?
January February 2010   Q: What Does the Church Mean When It Says That the Sacred Scriptures Are Inspired?
December 2009   How Would You Explain Theology to a Teenager?
November 2009   What Can We Learn From the Universal Church?
October 2009   Why Do We Have Deacons?
July August 2009   What Was the Second Vatican Council Really Like?
June 2009   How Priests’ Lives Are Changing
April 2009   Who is Jesus?
March 2009   Pray Alone or Together?
January February 2009   Why Do We Need the Church?
December 2008   Did God Create Evil?
October 2008   Free Will? Or is Life Predetermined?
June 2008   Freedom in Forgiveness
June 2008   What We Do is What We Believe
June 2008   Why Did Jesus Heal Some and Not Others? By His Touch We Are Healed.
May 2008   Is It God's Fault? How Does God Influence?
March 2008   What Does It Mean for God to Create?
October 2007   Why Does Jesus Always Refer to Himself as the Son of Man, Rather Than the Son of God?
July August 2007   What is the Difference Between Jesus and Christ? How is He Human? How is He Divine?
June 2007   Jesus as the Word. Why is That One of His Titles?
May 2007   Exactly How is Jesus in the Eucharist? How is He Present?
April 2007   What Was Jesus Really Like After the Resurrection? How Would He Look and Sound?
March 2007   What Did Jesus Know? Did Jesus Know He Would Die?
January February 2007   Did Jesus Just Appear Human? Could He Really Have Sinned?
November 2006   Liturgy: Part 8
October 2006   Liturgy: Part 7
July August 2006   Liturgy: Part 6
June 2006   Liturgy: Part 5
May 2006   Liturgy: Part 4
April 2006   Liturgy: Part 3
March 2006   Liturgy: Part 2
January February 2006   Liturgy: Part 1
December 2005   Mike and Linda Talk in Their Own Words About Being Lay Missionaries
November 2005   The Call to Lay Ecclesial Ministry
October 2005   The Road Less Traveled
July August 2005   Vocations Part 4: God's Quiet Call to the Consecrated Life. How Sr. Carla Responded.
June 2005   Vocations Part 3: Ordained to Serve - A Deacon's Call Meet Dcn. Dave Barrett
April 2005   Vocations Part 2: Heart and Soul – Tim Nelson Gave Up a Career as a Cardiologist to Become a Priest
January February 2005   Vocations Part 1: What Does God Want Me to Do With My Life?
November 2004   Vatican II Part 8: Have You Ever Stopped to Consider Questions Such as, Who Are We?
October 2004   Vatican II Part 7: A Look at the Mass Why It's the Source and Summit of Our Faith
July August 2004   Vatican II Part 6: Sacrosanctum Concilium: Part 1
June 2004   Vatican II Part 5: Looking at the Church a Visible and Invisible Reality
May 2004   Vatican II Part 4: There's Something About Mary
April 2004   Vatican II Part 3: Dei Verbum, Part 2
March 2004   Vatican II Part 2: Dei Verbum, Part 1 of 2
January February 2004   Vatican II Part 1: The Legacy of Popes John and Paul: Second Vatican Council
December 2003   The Creed Part 8: What Do We Believe About the Catholic Church and Communion of Saints?
November 2003   The Creed Part 7: What Do We Believe About the Holy Spirit?
September 2003   Top 5 Ways God is Evident in Our History
June 2003   The Creed Part 5: What Do We Believe About Jesus Christ?
May 2003   The Creed Part 4: What Do We Believe About Jesus Christ Suffering, Dying and Being Buried?
April 2003   The Creed Part 3: What Do We Believe About Jesus Christ Born of the Virgin Mary?
March 2003   The Creed Part 2: Why We Believe in One God Maker of Heaven and Earth?
January February 2003   The Creed Part 1: What Do We Believe?
December 2002   What is the Difference Between Liturgy and Devotions?
November 2002   Sacraments Part 7: Anointing of the Sick
October 2002   Sacraments Part 6: Matrimony
July August 2002   Sacraments Part 5: Holy Orders
May June 2002   Sacraments Part 4: Confirmation
April 2002   Sacraments Part 3: Eucharist
March 2002   Sacraments Part 2: Reconciliation
February 2002   Sacraments Part 1: Baptism
January 2002   Sacraments: What Does 'sacrament' Really Mean?