November 2021

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  Local Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration Celebrates 60th Jubilee
  Upcoming Events at Immaculate Heart Retreat Center
  Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Celebrate 70th Jubilee
  ‘Because It's Important to This One Prisoner’
  Dressing Up for Ordinary Time
  Real + True:
  Joy and Encouraging Vocations
  In Memoriam
  Minor Seminary in Guatemala Graduates 14 Students
Local News   Requiescat in Pace
In the Know With Father Joe   “Dear Father Joe – My husband died this year, and I am so angry with God. How do I move past that/forgive God for taking the love of my life away?”
Theology 101   ¿Quién era Esteban, el primer mártir?
Local News   Requiescat in Pace
Saint of the Month   St. Cecilia
Work Life   Mis empleados no parecen motivados, ¿qué puedo hacer?
Local News   Requiescat in Pace
Making Sense of Bioethics   What Young People Could Most Profit From Hearing About Marriage
Local News   The Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine
From the Bishop   Mission Is the Most Important Part of Realignment Process
Local News   Catholic Schools Mass
Theology 101   Who Was Stephen, the First Martyr?
Special Report   Everything You Need to Know About the National Eucharistic Congress
From the Editor   Giving Thanks for Selfless Service
Parenting   Tips on Avoiding Food Fights at the Family Table
Local News   Cheers to 80 Years of Catholic Charities in Shiawassee and Genesee Counties
Culture   Atrévete a ser diferente
  An American Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving
GO Evangelize   Sam Offers a Quiet Yes to Living His Faith
Marriage Matters   He Says: She Is Always Bragging About Her Family History
Local News   Disabilities Mass Celebrated at St. Andrew in Saline
Good Life   Me mudé por el trabajo de mis sueños (pero ahora no conozco a nadie...)
Special Report   How Did the Bishops Vote on the Eucharist Document?
Cover Story   ‘What Are You Searching for?’
Work Life   My Employees Don’t Seem Motivated, What Can I Do?
Grow as a Disciple of Jesus   ¿Por qué rezar por los muertos?
Special Report   Meet 3 Servants of God Who Just Advanced Toward Sainthood
Good Life   I Moved for My Dream Job (But Now I Don’t Know Anyone…)
Marriage Matters   Él dice: Ella siempre se jacta de su historia familiar
Special Report   Orthodox Archbishop Makes Historic Address to USCCB Assembly
Culture   Dare to Be Different
Parenting   Consejos para evitar peleas de comida en la mesa familiar
Special Report   USCCB Votes to Inscribe Mother Teresa in the U.S. Liturgical Calendar
From the Bishop   Bishop Boyea's Year of the Bible
Grow as a Disciple of Jesus   Why Do We Pray for the Dead?
Saint of the Month   Santa Cecilia
Local News   Gonzaga Prep Community to Deliver Food to Dozens of Local Families, Agencies
From the Bishop   Are We ‘Fully Conscious and Active’ During Mass?
Spiritual Fitness   Invite God to Be With You on Your Caregiving Journey
Spiritual Fitness   Invite a Dios a que lo acompañe en su jornada como cuidador