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 | By Mary Kay McPartlin

Sam Offers a Quiet Yes to Living His Faith

For Sam Kormos, living his faith means being an active member of his parish, St. Elizabeth’s in Tecumseh. A junior in high school, Sam is on the altar with Father Dan Wheeler and the deacon every Sunday, which gives him a different and intimate view of the liturgy.

On being an altar server

There are things you don’t see when you aren’t up close. The Eucharist, like the other sacraments in the Church, brings us closer to Jesus, and helps us be more like Christ.

On youth group

Youth group is good for opening up. It’s usually the same group every week. I think we are there for each other. It’s definitely good to talk about things with people and being able to know other people who are dealing with the same things. We support each other.

On attending a youth conference in Steubenville, Ohio

These conferences help you to open up into your faith more. It’s easier to say you are going to be holier than actually being holy. 

It’s hard to live out your faith.