October 2017

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  Although It may not be easy to talk about Jesus, Alyssa says: ‘Don’t be afraid. Jump in!’
  2017 Father Charles Irvin essay contest winner: Talking about Jesus to someone who doesn't know him
  Scholarships Help Send Jill and Brian's 7 Kids to Catholic Schools
  Kalyssa's service work in Flint taught her: ‘You really don’t have to do something spectacular or go somewhere far away to help’
  For Troy, ‘receiving Jesus is simply the best part of Mass’
  Hurricanes wreak havoc on Caribbean islands, southern U.S.
  Because God’s presence is powering Joseph’s life ‘We have to be mirrors and reflect his light"
  Anna’s faith means taking ‘little steps building up to a better relationship with God’
  How can you be a missionary disciple?
FAITH Helps   Discussion Guide October 2017
From the Bishop   Why am I here?
Marriage Matters   She says: We should donate only to Catholic Charities
Work Life   How Do I Manage My Classmates as Their Supervisor?
Theology 101   What Do You Say When My Brother Says He Feels Closer to God on a Fishing Trip Than in Church?
Parenting   My Daughter is Really Stressed at Her First Job
Good Life   I feel lousy after I've been on social media too long but otherwise I feel disconnected
Saint of the Month   Saint Francis of Assisi Repairing God’s House
Cover Story   Brianna’s growth as a disciple makes her realize ‘It’s OK to be a young person who loves God'
Spiritual Fitness   Lectio Divina - Praying Through the Year With Scripture
  Papal Audiences Offer Message of Christian Hope