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Top 5 ways God is evident in our history

1  History is filled with meaning; it is filled with stories of lives that would have no significance if atheism were true. The story of the world points to a storyteller.

2  History shows that moral laws are as inescapable as physical laws. Whenever God’s laws are followed, people prosper. When they are violated, people perish.

3  Life is filled with moments of incredible timing, of providential “coincidences.” It is God who works, and the hand of the Worker is visible through the work, if we only look.

4  Miracles directly and inescapably show the presence of God, since they cannot be explained by chance, nature or human action. There is evidence for miracles throughout history for anyone who has the will to look.

5  The saints reveal the existence of God by their happiness. If there were no God, how could life’s most fundamental illusion cause life’s greatest joy? If God didn’t do it, who put smiles on the lips of the martyrs?

– Adapted from Fundamentals of the Faith, Peter Kreeft, Ignatius Press, 1988.

Proofs for God’s existence?

Created in God’s image and called to know and love Him, the person who seeks God discovers certain ways of coming to know Him. These are also called proofs for the existence of God, not in the sense of proofs in the natural sciences, but rather in the sense of “converging and convincing arguments,” which allow us to attain certainty about the truth. (CCC 31)

Questioning God’s existence? The evidence is closer than you think.

With his openness to truth and beauty, his sense of moral goodness, his freedom and the voice of his conscience, with his longings for the infinite and for happiness, man questions himself about God’s existence. In all this he discerns signs of his spiritual soul. The soul, the “seed of eternity we bear in ourselves, irreducible to the merely material,” can have its origin only in God. (CCC 33)

If God exists, He wants to get in touch with us and reveal Himself to us, and He has promised that all who seek Him will find Him. Well, then, all the agnostic has to do is to seek, sincerely, honestly, and with an open mind, and he will find, in God’s way and in God’s time.