June 2022

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  Knights of Columbus 788 Grows at St. Gerard
  Sister Mary Catharina Bereiter, OP Celebrates 100th Birthday
  Holy Week 2022
  The Feasts of Summer
  Encounter Christ Through the Holy Words of the Mass
Faith and Family at Home   Growing in Faith Together on Pentecost
Around the Diocese   Things to Do
Parenting Journey   More Tips for Creating Strong Catholic Homes
Parenting Journey   Más consejos para crear hogares católicos sólidos
Marriage Matters   He Says: I Don’t Want Her Brother to Babysit
Marriage Matters   Él dice: No quiero que su hermano cuide a nuestros hijos
Work Life   Todos estamos trabajando en "silos"
Work Life   We’re All Working in “Silos”
Theology 101   Lucas
Theology 101   Luke
Saint of the Month   San Juan Bautista
Saint of the Month   St. John the Baptist
Spiritual Fitness   Reflexionando
Spiritual Fitness   Pondering
Culture   Celebrate John the Baptist’s Feast With Honey Chicken
Culture   Celebra la fiesta de Juan Bautista Con pollo a la miel
Cover Story   ‘Finding a Place to Thrive While Doing God’s Will’
Cover Story   ‘The Role of the Deacon’s Wife Is as Unique as the Women Who Fill That Role’
Bishop Barron   Providence and Vocation in ‘Father Stu’
Bishop Barron   Providencia y vocación en la película “Father Stu”
GROW as a disciple of Jesus   Spend Time in Eucharistic Adoration
GROW as a disciple of Jesus   Pasar tiempo en adoración eucarística
Good Life   I Just Graduated!
Good Life   ¡Me acabo de graduar!
GO Evangelize   Joanne Brings the Scriptures to Parishioners
Feature Stories   New Club at Lansing Catholic