April 2020

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  After a Called and Gifted workshop, Katrina uses her gifts ‘to bring Christ more fully into the world’
Diocesan News   The office of fertility and life ministries works to uphold the dignity of human life
  Protecting Children and Adults from Pornography
Stewardship   Your retirement account in 2020
From the Bishop   The Light of Christ is still shining in our diocese
  El significado de ser Católico
Parenting   My Child is Bullying Classmates
Last Word   On the Road II
In the Know With Father Joe   Can non-Catholics go to heaven?
Work Life   I’m Afraid to Tell My Boss I Messed Up
Local News   Ad Limina
Grow as a Disciple of Jesus   This Easter Season, Have Faith Like St. Peter
Marriage Matters   He says: She thinks my habits are annoying
Local News   Well done, good and faithful Servant
Special Report   Realign Resources for Mission: Overview
Theology 101   Jesus Is the Way That Leads to Communion With God the Father
Local News   Lenten Journey
From the Editor   Uphold and encourage one another
Saint of the Month   Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen - The Poor Man’s Lawyer
  Family-To-Family’s History of Help in Guatemala
GO Evangelize   John feels God’s presence in serving others
Good Life   As a graduate student, I can't keep up with my working friends
Local News   The Vocation Question
Culture   Savoring an Austrian Easter Tradition
  St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School
Diocesan News   Eight Questions for the Chairman: Meet Father Mathias Thelen
From the Bishop   The Joy of the Resurrection