April 2022

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  Office of Vocations Efforts Are Instrumental in Megan’s Journey of Discernment
  'Catholic Charities Is a Blessing' for Those in Need in Flint
  Approach Holy Week With Prayer and Intention
  ¿Qué tiene de sacramental el matrimonio?
  Abordar la Semana Santa con oración e intención
Spiritual Fitness   Preparation and Planning
Grow as a Disciple of Jesus   Catecismo Parte III
Local News   Made for Mission One-day Conference
Marriage Matters   What’s Sacramental About Marriage?
Culture   Huevos endiablados angelicales
Local News   Diocese of Lansing Schools See Large Increase in Enrollment
Saint of the Month   St. Benedict the Moor
Local News   Requiescat in Pace
Theology 101   The Sabbath
From the Bishop   At Mass, We Desire the Mercy Which Is Found in Jesus
Local News   St. Joseph in Howell Celebrates Opening of Gathering Space
Work Life   Formas sencillas de reconocer el buen trabajo de los empleados
From the Bishop   Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
Parenting   5 Tips for Helping Teens With Their First Job
Local News   MSU Students Serve Three Communities on Alternative Spring Break
Theology 101   El Sabbat
Local News   Most Reverend Robert J. Rose
Marriage Matters   She Says: I Don’t Think We Have to Share All of Our Financial Assets
Catholic Charities   Celebrating Amazing Volunteers
Spiritual Fitness   Preparación y planificación
From the Editor   Take Time to Read About the Good Works of Catholic Charities
Work Life   Simple Ways to Recognize Employees’ Good Work
  Family-to-Family develops property at Xeul
Saint of the Month   San Benito de Palermo
GO Evangelize   Dave and the Parish Team Care for God’s Creation
Culture   Angelic Eggs
Parenting   5 consejos para ayudar a los adolescentes con su primer trabajo
Cover Story   ‘I Get to Come Home to My Family Every Night’
Grow as a Disciple of Jesus   Catechism Part III
Marriage Matters   Ella dice: No creo que tengamos que compartir todos nuestros activos financieros