April 2018

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Pope Watch   Blessed Paul VI to be canonized this year
Parenting Journey   How do I make my teenager do chores?
Marriage Matters   She says: He makes snide comments about our friends
Making Sense of Bioethics   How does the Catholic Church resolve new bioethical questions?
Work Life   Can I find true happiness in my career?
Theology 101   What Old Testament prophecies did Jesus fulfill?
Theology 101   Why does God allow suffering?
The Church in the world   50th anniversary of the permanent diaconate
Saint of the Month   St. Gianna Molla – A mother who chose life for her unborn child
Special Report   Pope Francis celebrates his fifth anniversary
Culture   We Can’t Live on Bread Alone … but Try This Bruschetta
Cover Story   For Ifeoma and Ike, ‘The value of a Catholic education is vital’
Discipleship 101   Seeing through the eyes of ‘outsiders’
In the know with Father Joe   How can I help...?
From the Bishop   Ten years with Bishop Boyea
GROW as a disciple of Jesus   GROW as a disciple of Jesus: Hit the ‘pause’ button and ask Jesus to enter your day
Good Life   Can I be independent if I still live with my parents?
GO Evangelize   Go Evangelize: We are all called to constantly invite
From the Editor   Thank you, Deacons, for your ministry
FAITH Helps   Discussion Guide April 2018
Your Community   Witness to Hope dollars help fund new parish hall
Your Stories   When Jan came into the Church ‘A blanket of warmth’ came over her
Your Stories   45 years a deacon