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Discussion Guide April 2018

For personal reflection or small group discussions

Marriage Matters

Does this column bring to mind the old adage, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Have you ever paused before uttering out loud a negative thought about another person and been glad you did?

Grow + Go

Grow: When life becomes hectic, how can you find time to open the door to God and let him guide you toward the peace only he can offer?

Go: The man in Deacon Ken’s parish who joined the Church said that “many people extended invitations along the way.” What simple act of inviting can you perform for someone in your life?

Cover story

The Iyioke family considers steadfast faith and education as the two most important elements in their lives and the lives of their children. Have you seen evidence of how these two vital aspects of life can complement one another?

Feature: Jan Tietsort

In reflecting on Jan’s journey to Catholicism, what are some moments in your life that led you to conversion or a strengthening of your faith?

Feature: Deacon Patrick McDonald

Do you “skip” to Mass? To work? How can you be bolder and more joyful in your work and in your faith as Deacon Patrick McDonald described?

Work Life

If you find yourself unhappy in your work life, discuss how you can prayerfully discern what type of job might lead to a career that fulfills you.

Discipleship 101

When you speak about faith with a son, daughter or other loved one, have you ever considered how your responses can impact that person’s faith journey?