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Discussion Guide for July

Parenting Journey

1. What technology-free family activities might you implement to encourage your child to cultivate relationships off the screen?

Work Life

1. What are some ways that you can bring Christ’s presence into your daily tasks at work which might energize you?

In the Know with Father Joe

1. Father Joe says that a priest’s call is considered “God’s call” more than “his call.” In what ways do you see your vocation in life as God’s call rather than your call?

2. How is your service to the world and the Church similar to or different from that of Catholic priests or religious brothers or sisters?


1. Are there people in your life who help you hear and respond to God’s call?

2. Have you had any major experiences that have helped you improve your spiritual life and draw closer to the Lord?

Cover story

1. What aspects of your faith help you through life’s greatest difficulties?