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Discussion Guide for May

Discussion Guide for May


1.     Have you ever been in a terrifying or life-threatening situation like the author? How did you ask for God’s help or the Blessed Mother’s intervention in this situation?

2.     Why do you personally find your rosary so comforting? What other prayers do you turn to in stressful situations?


Marriage Matters

1.     Do you know someone suffering from depression? If so, how have you been able to help them cope with their illness?

2.     Can you recall Scripture passages in which Jesus had compassion for others?


Parenting Journey

1.     When you have disagreed with your child or parent in a given situation, how did you reach a compromise?

2.     Does your family turn to prayer when you are trying to work something out?


Spiritual Fitness

1.     How can you incorporate Mary into your daily routine? Devotions? Simple prayers?

2.     At what times in your life have you turned to Mary for guidance? Were you comforted?


Theology 101

1.     Can there be a balance between the universality of a “human right” and an individualistic conception of human rights?

2.     How would you define an objective truth?


Work Life

1.     Do you think you should simply be a team player and help out your co-worker who is struggling? Why or why not?

2.     Shouldn’t we, as Christians, remember the beatitude, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy”? Isn’t that how we would want to be treated?


Consecrated Life Feature

1.     Have you discussed a religious vocation with your children?

2.     How would you react to your child wanting to enter religious life at such a young age? Would you encourage them to wait or help them move forward?


Profile of a Disciple

1.     Do you think faith and sustainability can go hand-in-hand?

2.     How do you, as a Christian, protect the environment as God’s creation?


Second Feature

1.     What do you think about the gentleman’s “intellectual” approach to Catholicism?

2.     Which Church teachings would you share with someone considering becoming Catholic?