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Discussion Guide for June 2017

Parenting Journey

How can you, as a parent or a child, be more present and less distracted during the time you spend with your parents or children?

What can you do to create more time for being together?

Spiritual Fitness

In what ways has the Holy Spirit strengthened or comforted you in times of difficulty?

How do you feel the Spirit calling you to share the message of God’s love with others?

Theology 101

In your own experiences of loss, what gave you a sense of comfort or reassurance?

Cover story

How does your faith affect the way you interact with others in your workplace?

Discuss the concept Fr. Dwight mentioned in his column about science and religion: “Where faith tells us that God created the universe, science tells us how he did it.”

Feature: Travis Epps

How can we support people in our community as they are released from prison and re-enter society?