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Discussion Guide for June

Special Report: Amoris Laetitia

How does Pope Francis’ exhortation to care for the spirituality of the family change your perspective on family life?

What are some ways you find joy in loving those around you, particularly your family?

Cover Story - Finding purpose, one stitch at a time 

What are some ways you can reach out to those in need, as Olivia’s friend from church did for her?

What are some ways you can fuse your passion with your purpose, outside of employment?

Feature Story - Volunteers, donations and prayers are restoring hope in Flint

Have you ever experienced unexpected responses of love and charity?

What are ways you can reach out to those in need in local communities?

Feature Story - “God put that red house in front of me”

Have there been moments when you’ve followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit like Denise, even when it’s uncomfortable? How might you do so in the future?

What are some ways you can see the face of Jesus in those around you?

Feature Story - Lighting a fire in Flint

Fr. Tom has helped parishes understand that “Church” extends beyond the parish you ascribe to. How have you witnessed the “CFAITH hurch” extend beyond your own parish?

How might you help people respond to the “desire for more” that Fr. Tom references?

Conflict Resolution - My next-door neighbor is a hoarder

What are some ways you can encourage people to make their home safer?

How can teaming up with a hoarder actually help both you and the other person grow closer to Christ?

Culture - ‘Get the lead out’ – food to fight lead exposure

Sean’s strong faith prompted him to get involved in Flint and help those in need. What are some ways you can live out your faith in your city or community?

What are ways you can apply your talents to help those in need?

Good Life - 5 ideas to help you unplug now and then

How might ‘unplugging’ help you hear God’s voice in your heart?

What are some areas you struggle to ‘unplug’ from?

Name two concrete ways that you can slow down and be present to those around you.

Parenting Journey – Grades

Have you ever struggled with a child who received poor grades? How did you handle your situation?

What lifestyle changes could you implement to help your children?

Spiritual Fitness – God’s mercy

How has God’s mercy been present in your life?

What is one time you’ve had to ask forgiveness for something?  What is one time you have been asked for forgiveness?

Showing God’s mercy to others can be challenging. How might accepting God’s mercy in your own life help you show mercy to others?

Theology 101: Lessons in Mercy

When reading the parable of the Lost Son, do you identify with the younger or faithful son?

What different lessons do you learn by placing yourself in the shoes of each son?

Work Life – Retail staff and meetings

Have you ever grown through meetings at your business?

How can you serve your business when running meetings? How can you serve your business by attending meetings?