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Discussion Guide December 2016

Marriage Matters

Discuss ways in which estranged family members might approach one another in a spirit of reconciliation and peace, especially during the Christmas season.

Parenting Journey

What are some ways we can help young adults, or even aging parents, with transitions in life, such as getting that first job, moving to a new location or moving out of the house they have always known? Reflect on Joshua 1:9

Work Life

What features of a job create satisfaction for you? Is it the people? The work? The culture? Read the catechism (2427) which says, in part: “Work honors the Creator’s gifts and the talents received from him.”

Spiritual Fitness

Do you have a loved one who has left the Church? Have you picked up your personal evangelization plan at your parish to help guide you? Prayer forms the foundation for all of our evangelization efforts.

Theology 101

Where do you see yourself in the parable of the sower? Are you the seed that fell on the path? On rocky ground? What can we do in our lives to assure that we become the seed sown on rich soil?

Feature story (Dr. Stephen Hickner)

Stephen kept his ears open to God’s call, and he is now able to practice his faith in his medical practice. Do you feel you are open to God’s call in your life? How do you discern what that call is?

Cover story (Sandra Wezi Pemba)

Prayer and action on the part of a few saved Sandra’s baby. What are some ways that you can help show respect for life in your own corner of the world?