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Discussion Guide for March 2017


How can you express the reasons you love your faith to your children? In what ways can you affirm your children’s commitment to their faith?

Spiritual Fitness

Sr. Ann suggests making only one or two sacrifices during Lent. What sacrifice will you choose this Lent? What can you do to help you stay true to your penance throughout the Lenten season?

Cover (Ryan Adelman)

The cover story about Ryan describes several events where he was invited to “step out” of his comfort zone to grow in his faith. How can you invite others to discover or experience God’s love for them?

In what ways can you accompany someone searching for a greater sense of belonging to God?

Feature (Jose Gallo)

Jose discovered that “walking in Jesus’ steps” made his faith more real. What activities or programs could you participate in this Lenten Season to help you deepen your relationship with Jesus?