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Discussion Guide for January/February 2017

Marriage Matters

As we read in this column, a healthy ordering of our priorities is God, family and then work. With technology making it easier to communicate regarding work at all hours of the day, how well are you doing at prioritizing? Is God first in your life? Does family come before work?

Parenting journey

Although the child in this scenario is only 4 years old, bullying can happen at all ages, even with adults. Reflect on Romans 12:17-21 to learn what St. Paul says about how to conquer evil.

Work Life

Do you ever feel that you are being forced to work long hours because of other people’s actions? Discuss how you might broach this subject with a supervisor at work. Seek counsel from Proverbs 29:11.

Theology 101

Has someone ever asked you why you are Catholic? How would you answer? Discuss how you might be able to use the evangelization pillars of prayer, invitation, witnessing and accompanying to help bring someone back to church, or help someone discover the richness of our faith.

Spiritual Fitness

It is often said that God speaks to us in “a still small voice.” (1 Kgs 19:12) When you are studying a Scripture passage, try to read slowly or read out loud, and spend some quiet time with the verse.

Cover story

Beth Reamsnyder says in her interview with FAITH that the children at Sacred Heart school receive a classical education that points students to the truth – the truth of God. What kind of impact do you believe such an education could have on your children or grandchildren?

Feature story, Ruth Pline

Intercessory prayer is a main pillar of evangelization. Have you experienced the power of prayer in your life? Do you pray for those in your life who have stopped going to church? Do you pray for the pastoral team at your parish, and for the success of their initiatives?