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Discussion Guide for September

Parenting Journey

What actions can you take to demonstrate to your children the importance of faith in your life?

In the Know with Fr. Joe

Fr. Joe lists several ways in which we can act as witnesses to Christ. What are some other ways you can be a Christian witness in your daily life?

How do you share (in words) about your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Saint of the Month

In this Year of Mercy, how does St. Padre Pio’s strong dedication to the Sacrament of Reconciliation encourage you to seek the merciful love of the Father in your own life?

St. Padre Pio offered up his suffering to Christ throughout many illnesses. How can this help you view the suffering in your life?

Spiritual Fitness

How might a visit to the diocesan Holy Door help you participate more fully in this Year of Mercy?

What are some ways you can open the door of your heart to experience God’s mercy and share it with those you encounter?