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Discussion Guide November 2017

Marriage Matters

Have you experienced a time in your marriage when you and your spouse prayed about your challenges and worked through them, and as a result you felt your bond was stronger?

Parenting Journey

Discuss ways to work on having more patience with your children. Try to recall the words of Psalm 127 when you’re frustrated: “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb a reward.”


Do you ever struggle not to respond in kind to an unkind remark? Discuss how all of us can be more aware of having our words reflect the language and teachings of Jesus.

Theology 101

Has someone in your life rejected religion? In what ways can you be a witness to this person and model the Gospel message?

Cover story

Stephanie spent a great deal of time praying about her decision to become Catholic. Is there someone in your life who you may be able to invite and accompany back to church?