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Discussion Guide for April

Theology 101

Discuss a time when you have experienced God’s mercy through someone else’s actions.

How can you apply Father Howard’s four steps toward mercy to specific daily actions?

Cover (Dr. Hanna-Attisha)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are ethically obliged to speak up for someone whose voice is not being heard?

Has there been a time in your life when your faith has sustained you and kept you going in a situation that seemed hopeless?

Feature (Trudy Ritter)

Talk about a person in your life who has inspired you like Cardinal Ritter inspired Trudy.

Feature (Deacon Tom)

Have you ever felt abandoned by God and in need of healing?

Have you ever experienced the mercy of a hospital minister?

What are some ways or places you have found a “window into the heart of God”?

Spiritual Fitness

Discuss ways you can keep the Easter season alive in your heart in the days and weeks after Easter Sunday.

Marriage Matters

What are some ways couples can support one another in their prayer lives? What has worked for you?

Discuss the value you have found in faith-sharing groups, by yourself or with another.

Parenting Journey

How can understanding marriage as a sacrament between the couple change the way parents approach the wedding plans?

What are some ways children can honor their parents both in the wedding plans and the ceremony itself?

Last Word

Discuss some of the ways that receiving the Holy Spirit in Confirmation helps strengthen you to carry out God’s mission to the world.

Have you felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at different times in your life?