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Discussion Guide for April 2017

Spiritual Fitness

Sister Ann asks us to follow Peter, John and Mary Magdalene as they react to the events of Jesus’ Passion and resurrection. Take time to write down your own thoughts and offer them as a prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus’ gift of himself for you.

Theology 101

Have you ever felt your prayers were not answered? Did you try to surrender your will to God, rather than giving up hope?

Cover (Lela and Carol)

Carol and Lela never stopped praying together, studying spiritual writing and attending events together throughout Lela’s journey back to the Church. Have you developed friendships through your spiritual life? How does this type of bond, where you simply “know God together,” differ from other friendships?

Feature (Ahmad and Manal)

What have you learned about refugees from Syria from the story shared by Ahmad and Manal? Can you think of ways to promote greater understanding of, and welcome for, those seeking asylum in our country?