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Discussion Guide for November

Parenting Journey

What are some ways you can guide young people to use their strengths in their education and career choices while at the same time allowing them to discern their own path?

Theology 101

Can you describe a time when you experienced God’s merciful action in your life? Have you approached Jesus with hope for healing and asked for his mercy, like the leper and the centurion?

Spiritual Fitness

How do you keep God in your daily life? Do you carve out time for him despite the busyness of your schedule?

What are some short prayers you can say during the day to turn your heart to God, even for a moment?

Feature story (Kovelles)

Rachel and Charlie learned how to listen – really listen – to one another through their marriage prep class. Do you have any relationships in your life that might benefit from trying to talk less and listen more?

Meditate on James 1:19: “Everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.”