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Discussion Guide for May

Cover Story

  1. If we view our challenges as blessings, how might that change how we interact with others and participate in our faith?
  2. Have personal trials ever strengthened your own faith?
  3. Since moving to Lansing, Kinh has been greatly involved with his parish. What are ways you can share your faith in your parish community through service or leadership?

Feature (‘Her Brother’s Keeper’)

  1. What are some ways you can serve your neighbors who you may not know well? Read Deut.16:17 and Gal.6:2.
  2. Have there been times when you feel as if you were “nudged into action” by the Holy Spirit?

Conflict Resolution

  1. Is there someone in your family with whom who you can reach out and seek reconciliation? Meditate on Matt. 5:9 and Eph. 4:32.
  2. What are some ways you can build bridges with members of your family?


  1. Have you considered maintaining a Mary garden in order to strengthen your devotion to the Blessed Mother?
  2. Does your parish maintain a rosary garden or Mary garden?  If so, have you ever considered volunteering your time to help maintain it?

Marriage Matters

  1. What are some ways you can deepen your marriage relationship?

Work Life

  1. What some ways you as an employee can place the common good above personal good?

Feature (Natural Family Planning)

  1. Are there ways in which NFP can help your marriage or the marriage of people you know?