March 2018

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  Theresa Marshall: 'Never stop praying, hoping and loving people'
  Sister Dorita Wotiska, OP - First Female Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Lansing
  Mary Jo Gillilland - God’s presence in the workplace led her through difficult times
  'Anything worth achieving will take great sacrifice and effort'
  FAITH Interviews Bishop Boyea About the Success of Witness to Hope Campaign
  Sister Donna Markham, OP, Ph.D - First president of Catholic Charities USA from Diocese of Lansing
  Pat O’Hearn - First female Director of Development for the Diocese of Lansing
  Elizabeth Solsburg - First Female editorial director of FAITH magazine and vice president of FAITH Catholic Publishing and Communications
  A Wrinkle in Time
  Judith's work has meaning because it is founded on faith in Jesus Christ
  Sister Marilyn Barnett, OP - First female director of the Office of Worship for the Diocese of Lansing
  Lisa Kutas - First female Director of Human Resources, Diocese of Lansing
  Sister Monica Kostielney, RSM
  Lisa Whiting Dobson - First producer of the televised Outreach Mass for the Diocese of Lansing
Cover Story   Deb uses her gifts to lead and 'be the person God called me to be'
Theology 101   Why Does God Remain Hidden?
From the Editor   Experience God’s mercy in the sacrament of reconciliation
Marriage Matters   She says: Joe is always telling our friends what to do
From the Bishop   Racism is a sin
Parenting   How Do We Make a Foster Child Feel at Home?
Good Life   I can’t keep up with the lifestyles of my friends
FAITH Helps   Discussion Guide March 2018
Grow as a Disciple of Jesus   GROW as a Disciple of Jesus
GO Evangelize   GO evangelize: Katie invites others to encounter the faith
Culture   There Are Shortcuts in Cooking, but Not in Faith
Discipleship 101   The 5 thresholds of conversion
In the Know With Father Joe   Will we become angels when we go to heaven?
Diocesan News   Vicki Kaufmann - First female director of Catholic Charities agency in the Diocese of Lansing
Feature   Dr. Mary Healy - First female member of Pontifical Biblical Commission from Diocese of Lansing
  Pope Francis Marries Couple During Flight
Saint of the Month   Saint Manuel Míguez González - March 8
Work Life   Do I Have a Loyalty Problem if I'm Always Job-Hopping?