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Lisa Whiting Dobson - First producer of the televised Outreach Mass for the Diocese of Lansing

Q: How is your faith the foundation of your role as producer of the Outreach Mass?

A: I have worked very hard to be an excellent television producer/director. The Outreach Mass adds a unique element, because my faith is the foundation of everything I do, and this program touches people in a way that has continued to amaze me throughout the years. I am proud to say that everything I have worked on in my television career has been life-giving, and that is quite a feat in this industry. With the Outreach Mass, I often believe that I am the vehicle, and when I begin directing there is a spirit much more than me at work. 

Q: Is there a person who inspired you along the way?

A: Father Michael Murphy and Dr. Thomas Muth both inspired me. They taught me how men should behave in professional settings, and how to foster excellence in work, develop talent, infuse work with mission and morality, and also be kind and fun.

Q: Tell us a defining moment in your ministry

A: I had assumed the audience of the Outreach Mass was adults. I received a call from a mother of a 10-year-old boy who was very ill. He was unable to play with other children due to his weakened immune system. We had just aired First Communion. The mother wanted a copy of the program, because her son sang along with the children in the broadcast and felt like he had friends. I still tear up when I think of this call. I am always surprised by the way God works.

Q: What would you tell your younger self about not giving up on achieving your goals?

A: Trust God.