March 2021

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Parenting Journey   Still at Home All Day?
Marriage Matters   SHE SAYS: John needs to give away some of his stuff
Work Life   How Do I Handle Returning To The Office?
Theology of the Body   A Catholic Parent's Guide to Dating
Theology 101   Who Exactly Were the Pharisees?
Saint of the Month   St. Louise de Marillac
Spiritual Fitness   Drawing Nearer To Our Lord This Lent
Special Report   The Word Of God is at Work in You Who Believe
Special Report   Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lansing
Special Report   Pope Francis Visits Iraq to Promote Peace, Build Fraternity
Culture   A Lenten Recipe For Busy Catholic Parents
Cover Story   Together, Office of Catholic Schools and Principals Serve Christ and Their Students
In the know with Father Joe   Dear Father Joe: Every Year, Lent Comes and Goes and I Always Feel Like I Somehow Miss it or Blow it
From the Bishop   In the End, Everything Belongs to God
GROW as a disciple of Jesus   How Can I Hear God's Voice?
Good Life   What’s Next? Gap Year? Community College?
GO Evangelize   Diocese of Lansing Catholics Participate in Local March for Life
From the Editor   A New Chapter For FAITH Catholic
Your Faith   Praying with the Scriptures
Your Faith   Why Read the Scriptures
Your Stories   Seminarians Prepare to Serve and Communicate the Love of Jesus
Your Stories   Deployed for Mission Conference Empowers Parish Staff to Serve Parishioners and Form Disciples
Your Stories   Senior Outreach Services at Catholic Charities Cares for the Whole Person