March 2021

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  Why Read the Scriptures
  Praying with the Scriptures
  Seminarians Prepare to Serve and Communicate the Love of Jesus
  Spotlight on Mystics
  Deployed for Mission Conference Empowers Parish Staff to Serve Parishioners and Form Disciples
  Senior Outreach Services at Catholic Charities Cares for the Whole Person
Theology 101   Who Exactly Were the Pharisees?
Your Stories   Lent: A Time to Learn to Be Vulnerable to God
Your Stories   Eastern Washington University Students Attend a Very Different SEEK Conference
Theology of the Body   A Catholic Parent's Guide to Dating
From the Bishop   In the End, Everything Belongs to God
Your Stories   Spotlight on the Year of St. Joseph
Grow as a Disciple of Jesus   How Can I Hear God's Voice?
  Ixtahuacan Resident, Pablo Tambriz, Active in Santa Catarina Church
Work Life   How Do I Handle Returning To The Office?
From the Editor   A New Chapter For FAITH Catholic
Your Stories   A Living Document Speaks to Living Waters
GO Evangelize   Diocese of Lansing Catholics Participate in Local March for Life
  In Tough Times, Go to St. Joseph
Parenting   Still at Home All Day?
Local News   In Memoriam: Prepares Volunteer Janie Ibarra-Vijarro
Saint of the Month   St. Louise de Marillac
  Immaculate Heart Retreat Center Spiritual Direction
Local News   Knights of Columbus Present Bishop Hicks with Bishop's Burse Check
Marriage Matters   SHE SAYS: John needs to give away some of his stuff
Local News   In Memoriam
From the Bishop   Lent: From Mere Endurance to Transformation
Special Report   Pope Francis Visits Iraq to Promote Peace, Build Fraternity
Your Faith   Hope Does Not Disappoint
Special Report   The Word Of God is at Work in You Who Believe
  Gonzaga Prep Moves to Full-Day Classes
From the Bishop   Cuaresma: De la mera resistencia a la transformación
Catholic Charities   Navigating the Pandemic with Catholic Charities
Cover Story   Together, Office of Catholic Schools and Principals Serve Christ and Their Students
Local News   Food Drive Spirit Alive and Well in the Midwest
Local News   Diocese of Joliet Holds Two Eucharistic Processions to Share a Culture of Life Witness
  St. Joseph: A Man of Faith Followed His Dreams
Special Report   Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lansing
Special Report   COVID-19 Vaccinations and Catholic Moral Teaching
Local News   Deacon Puscas Named as New Director of Formation in the Diaconate Office
Your Life   A Letter from a Mom to Her Daughter in Honor of World Down Syndrome Day
Your Stories   Local Parishioners, EWU and GU Students Encounter Christ During Interactive SEEK21 Conference
Your Stories   The Instincts of our Faith
Your Stories   Catholic Schools Return to Campus
Good Life   What’s Next? Gap Year? Community College?
Your Stories   La Intuición de la Fe
Your Stories   An Inspiration