December 2015

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  What is it like today in the land where Christ was born?
  Terry longs to visit home
  Wendy travels to Holy Land on medical mission
  Laboring in the vineyard
  On trip with N.E.W. Life Center to see Pope, Jay felt like "bursting for joy"
Pope Watch   The lasting legacy of Pope Francis in Philadelphia
Parenting Journey   Does my kindergartner really need an iPhone?
Marriage Matters   He says: We should invite our son’s roommates for Christmas
Last Word   Look for Jesus, Mary and Jospeh in the faces of today's refugees
Work Life   I love Christmas, but not the office parties that come with it
Theology 101   Humane Vitae and the sanctity of life
Saint of the Month   Break with sin and follow Christ: St. Fabiola
Spiritual Fitness   Preparing our hearts to receive Jesus: Praying during Advent
Special Report   Will the Catholic Church be forced out of adoption and foster care?
Special Report   Synod of Bishops: marriage and family
Culture   Proclaiming the Good News Artfully
Cover Story   From refugee to mason farmer, Bhim embraces his new life
Consecrated Life   A sister and a mother
Conflict Resolution   My brother is boycotting our family dinner again
In the know with Father Joe   Are Catholic superstitions OK?
From the Bishop   Let us seek what is truly good for one another
Good Life   The right gift for the right time
From the Editor   God's gentle invitation called me home
FAITH Helps   Discussion Guide for December