June 2021

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  ‘When All Seems Lost, Don’t Give Up’
  ‘I Was Afraid Riley’s Name Would Be Forgotten’
Theology 101   Who was Caiaphas?
Local News   Sister Agnette Bengal celebrates 90 years as Sister of Christian Charity
Spiritual Fitness   La esperanza cristiana es nuestro fundamento
GROW as a disciple of Jesus   Tips for Living by the Values of God's Kingdom
Local News   Cristo Rey Community Center welcomes Religious Sisters of Mercy (RSM)
Saint of the Month   San Bernabé: siglo I d.C.
GO Evangelize   Rose Invites Parishioners to Pray the Rosary
Local News   Bishop Earl Boyea Has Announced the Following Clergy Changes
Parenting Journey   Cómo ser constante y cariñoso (algunos consejos más)
In the know with Father Joe   Dear Father Joe: Can Mass Ever Be Irreverent?
Local News   Jackson Catholic Schools Receives Generous Gift From Former Teacher
Marriage Matters   Ella dice: Miguel está al límite y últimamente tiene mal genio.
Work Life   Encouraging Trust and Empathy in a Virtual Workplace
Making Sense of Bioethics   El Error de la "Calidad de Vida"
The Church in the world   La Iglesia en El Mundo - Junio de 2021
From the Bishop   Seeking New Ways to Bring Christ to Others and to Bring Others to Christ
Good Life   ¿Cómo puedo hacer mi parte para "cuidar nuestra casa común"?
From the Editor   Deacons are a Gift to the Church
Feature   Deacon Ordination 2021
Special Report   Faith and Finances
Parenting Journey   How To Be Both Consistent & Loving
From the Bishop   The Participation of the Laity in the Prophetic Mission of Christ
Spiritual Fitness   Christian Hope is Our Foundation
Marriage Matters   SHE SAYS: I’m concerned about his temper
From the Bishop   Using Scripture in Spiritual Warfare
Work Life   Fomentar la confianza y empatía en un lugar de trabajo virtual
Culture   Lost and Found
Local News   Council of Catholic Nurses celebrates Inaugural Mass
Theology 101   ¿Quién era Caifás?