January February 2022

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Parenting Journey   Introvert or Extrovert?
Parenting Journey   ¿Introvertido o extrovertido?
Marriage Matters   She Says: I Need My “Alone Time”
Marriage Matters   Ella dice: Necesito mi "tiempo a solas".
Local News   2021 Nun Run
Work Life   Estoy inquieto en mi trabajo
Work Life   I’m Restless in My Job
Theology 101   La conversión de San Pablo
Theology 101   The Conversion of St. Paul
Saint of the Month   St. Thomas Aquinas
Saint of the Month   Santo Tomás de Aquino
Spiritual Fitness   Pasión y persecución
Spiritual Fitness   Passion and Pursuit
Special Report   Diocese of Lansing Realign Resources for Mission
Special Report   ‘Synodal Process’ Began in October
Special Report   Could Roe Go? What the Dobbs Case Could Mean for Abortion in Michigan
Culture   En el Año Nuevo, practiquemos estar "presentes" para nuestras familias
Culture   Practice Being More ‘Present’ to Your Family
Cover Story   ‘God Has Favored Me With a Child’
Bishop Barron   Should Suffering Shake Our Faith?
From the Bishop   We Are All Members of the Household of Faith
GROW as a disciple of Jesus   Dios se revela a sí mismo en El catecismo
GROW as a disciple of Jesus   God Reveals Himself in The Catechism
Good Life   ¿Debo actuar en mi idea de un millón de dólares?
Good Life   Should I Act On My Million-Dollar Idea?
GO Evangelize   For Krystin, ‘Being Catholic Is So Rewarding’
From the Editor   Sharing Our Blessings With Visiting Missionaries
Your Stories   ‘Priests Around the World and the People of God Need to Be Served’