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 | By Sue Parker

For Krystin, ‘Being Catholic Is So Rewarding’

Krystin Nelligan is a member of St. Joseph Parish in Dexter and a recent graduate of Dexter High School. She began volunteering in her parish in the fourth grade as an altar server and has served as a catechist in elementary religious formation, as an assistant for sacramental preparation and as a member of the youth leadership team. Krystin is now attending Washtenaw Community College, and she continues to volunteer at St. Joseph as a lector and help with parish service projects.


“My parish has helped my family through tough times and continues to do so. Being able to help people the way our parish does and the generosity of the people within the parish is outstanding. I can’t stop helping – I am so grateful for the support.”


“My most rewarding experience of volunteering was on mission trips with my youth group. The people were so thankful for our help … It was amazing to hear about the experiences they had with Jesus and how much they needed our help. I have learned that everyone … has difficult times, that you are never alone, and to seek help. I have learned that if you just trust in God, he will take care of you.”


“Being able to experience the body and blood of Christ is truly outstanding. Being able to experience that has made Mass just so much more meaningful. Mass also helps to strengthen my faith by exposing me to the readings of the Bible and to other faith-filled people.”

Being Catholic

“I wish others knew that being Catholic is so rewarding. This faith is the core of who I am, and I am so thankful for it.”