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  Michigan Catholic Conference Supports End Dismemberment Abortion Petition Drive
  What can ordinary Catholics do to protect life in the wake of the passage of Proposal 3?
  Special Report: Pope, USCCB call for dialogue in the Middle East
  Racism - what does the Church have to say?
  Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman
  Coronavirus causes cancellation of Masses in Diocese of Lansing and other dioceses
  Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal Update
  Celebrating Holy Week At Home
  School at Home Guide for Catholic Families
  Pope Francis Calls For Civil Union Law For Same Sex Couples
May 2023   Diocese of Lansing Realign Resources for Mission 2023
March 2023   How Pope Benedict Changed My Life
March 2023   Remembering the “Grandfather of All Grandfathers”
March 2023   A Grateful Bishop Says Farewell
September 2022   Michigan Bishops’ Statement on Dobbs Decision
May 2022   Welcoming People With Special Needs
March 2022   2022 Diocesan Services Appeal
January February 2022   Diocese of Lansing Realign Resources for Mission
January February 2022   ‘Synodal Process’ Began in October
January February 2022   Could Roe Go? What the Dobbs Case Could Mean for Abortion in Michigan
December 2021   Unity/Stewardship/Parishes
July August 2021   What Is Realign Resources for Mission? A Beginner’s Guide
July August 2021   An Update From the Chairman
July August 2021   The Word From Lansing: So-called ‘equality Act’ Threatens Society and Religious Communities
July 2021   Pope Francis Announces “Synodal Process” Will Begin in October
June 2021   Faith and Finances
May 2021   Deborah sees her work at the Tribunal as ‘a healing ministry’
April 2021   Therese and others volunteer their time to the diocesan Code of Conduct Advisory Council
April 2021   Deacons Serve God and the Faithful in Their Parishes and in the Wider Community
April 2021   With the Help of Diocesan Communications, Bishop Boyea Evangelizes His Flock
March 2021   Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lansing
March 2021   Pope Francis Visits Iraq to Promote Peace, Build Fraternity
March 2021   The Word Of God is at Work in You Who Believe
January February 2021   The COVID-19 Vaccine
December 2020   U.S. Bishops React to McCarrick Report With Sorrow, Calls for Repentance
December 2020   Accountability Oversight Committee 2020 Annual Report
December 2020   Michigan Bishops' Statement Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine
December 2020   Declaración de los obispos de Michigan con respecto a la vacuna Covid-19
November 2020   Fratelli Tutti, On Fraternity and Social Friendship
November 2020   Happy The One Who Trusts In The Lord
November 2020   Pope Francis Releases Apostolic Letter on Sacred Scripture
October 2020   San John Henry Newman
October 2020   Developing a well-formed conscience
October 2020   The issues, the candidates, and your vote 2020
September 2020   Rediscover spiritual joy
September 2020   U.S. Bishops Call Catholics to Exercise Faithful and Civil Citizenship
July August 2020   Father Norman Fischer
July August 2020   Venerable Father Augustus Tolton
June 2020   Catholics Staying Connected
June 2020   Why I Support My Parish
June 2020   Reconnections
June 2020   How has the Church continued to serve the people of God during this crisis?
June 2020   How Have Parishes Served the Faithful During the Pandemic?
April 2020   Realign Resources for Mission: Overview
March 2020   Pope, USCCB call for dialogue in the Middle East
March 2020   Accountability Oversight Committee 2019 Annual Report
January February 2020   Catholic Community Applauded for Contributing Thousands of Signatures to End Dismemberment Abortion
January February 2020   Special Report: 2019 USCCB Fall General Assembly
January February 2020   20 Years of FAITH magazine
December 2019   Michigan Catholic Conference welcomes proposed federal rule change to protect faith-based child placement agencies
December 2019   Acogiendo al forastero entre nosotros - Conferencia sobre el cuidado pastoral de inmigrantes
November 2019   Be Love Revolution
October 2019   Canonization of Cardinal John Henry Newman
September 2019   Michigan Catholic Conference supports petition to end dismemberment abortion
July August 2019   USCCB releases 2018 Annual Report on the Protection of Children and Young People
July August 2019   An update on Catholic Charities and the State of Michigan
July August 2019   U.S. Bishops increase accountability measures
June 2019   Faith-based Adoption Services Under Pressure
June 2019   Deacon ordination 2019
May 2019   Diocesan assembly still bearing fruit with upcoming EWTN program
May 2019   Special Report: Christus Vivit
April 2019   Special report on Vatican Summit: The Protection of Minors in the Church
April 2019   Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in December 2018
April 2019   They should be “Strangers No Longer”. A call to be neighbors-helping-neighbors
March 2019   Black history in the Diocese of Lansing
January February 2019   Statement from Bishop Boyea on the accountability of bishops
January February 2019   Fall Meeting of U.S. Bishops
January February 2019   Human Trafficking in Michigan
December 2018   Synod on young people concludes in Rome
December 2018   Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal
December 2018   V National Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry
November 2018   Catholics and Voting
October 2018   Canonization of Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Oscar Romero
October 2018   Young People And The Church
July August 2018   Special Report: 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae
June 2018   Planning tomorrow’s churches
June 2018   Gaudete et Exsultate
April 2018   Pope Francis Celebrates His Fifth Anniversary
September 2017   Father Solanus Casey to be beatified in Detroit
June 2017   FaithFest 2017
May 2017   Our Lady of Fatima: 100 years of grace
March 2017   Special Report: Immigration and Refugee Crisis
March 2017   Finding Jesus - a CNN series
November 2016   Special Report: Catholics and Voting
September 2016   A life poured out for Christ: St. Teresa of Calcutta
July August 2016   The Catholic response to the worst mass shooting in U.S. history
July August 2016   ‘Only love can break the cycle of violence’ Bishops respond to violence in the U.S.
March 2016   The Catholic Church responds to water crisis in Flint
March 2016   Whenever I use city water, I always pray
March 2016   Pope Francis in Mexico
March 2016   “Spotlight” film focuses on Catholic clergy sex abuse crisis
January February 2016   Pastoral Letter on Pornography
December 2015   Will the Catholic Church be forced out of adoption and foster care?
December 2015   Synod of Bishops: marriage and family
November 2015   Jubilee Year of Mercy
November 2015   Behind the Scenes: Assisting the Press Corps on the Papal Visit
November 2015   Pope Francis in the U.S.
October 2015   World Meeting of Families Congress
October 2015   Changes to Annulment Process
July August 2015   Laudato Si’
July August 2015   Same-Sex Marriage
March 2015   Apostolic Visitation Final Report
January February 2015   Apostolic Visitation
January February 2015   U.S. – Cuba Relations
December 2014   Don’t be afraid to strengthen your marriage
December 2014   Follow up on the Synod Extraordinary Synod on the Family 2014 Final Relatio
December 2014   Deacon Steve and the power of Alpha
December 2014   Special Report: Ebola Outbreak
November 2014   50th Anniversary of Lumen Gentium
November 2014   Announcing the Year of Consecrated Life
October 2014   Theology of the Body
October 2014   Christians in the Crosshairs
October 2014   October 2014 Extraordinary Synod
October 2014   Lansing's chancellor now Gaylord's bishop - Most Reverend Steven Raica
September 2014   Immigration Crisis
July August 2014   Monsignor Steven J. Raica named fifth Bishop of Gaylord
July August 2014   #BringBackOurGirls
July August 2014   Ordination 2014
June 2014   Religious Freedom and the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision
June 2014   Announce the Gospel, Equipping the Household of Faith
June 2014   Announce the Gospel, The Four aspects of Discipleship
June 2014   New North American saints François de Laval and Marie Guyart
May 2014   The Meaning of Marriage
April 2014   Canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII
March 2014   Pope Francis’ exhortation Evangelii Gaudium
March 2014   Pope Francis’ year of “firsts”
December 2013   Typhoon Haiyan
December 2013   50th Anniversary of Vatican II
November 2013   Poverty in America
September 2013   War in Syria
July August 2013   U.S. bishop's statement on Supreme Court decisions on marriage
May 2013   What can you do about bullies?
March 2013   Pope's Resignation
January February 2013   Cardinals gather in conclave to elect a new pope
December 2012   We know God through our sexuality
December 2012   Superstorm Sandy wreaks havoc – how you can help
October 2012   The canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha Lily of the Mohawks