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Why I Support My Parish

FAITH asked some parishioners why supporting their parish is important to them, and why they have chosen to make it a priority in their lives.

During the Covid-19 crisis, it was important to me to continue supporting my parish. Liturgical, educational, faith formation and charitable outreach actions are supported by donations and so vital to the mission of the Church. Prayer is paramount, but financial generosity will enable the church doors to open wide once again. When we contribute financially to our parish, we facilitate Christ’s mission of love and mercy.”

– Cathy Pietrasiuk

Both in and out of church, I see the parish as a vehicle to serve others. I serve in two ways: as a eucharistic minister at Mass and leading a monthly Communion service at an assisted living center. I feel honored and fulfilled — although unworthy — when I can offer Jesus to people through his body and blood.”

– Paul Ward

It’s a priority for us because we have been blessed and want to give back to others. The Catholic Church was very impactful in all stages of my life — from being a young altar server through my time in college at the campus Newman Center. I was unable to give much financial support then, but I can now, and I want to show my gratitude to God for all that the Church has given me. I also want to make sure this support system remains in place for younger Catholics.”

– Chris Ongena

Supporting our parish will ensure that it is viable for the next generation. In this day of online payments, it’s critical that we discuss our donations with our children since they may not see us dropping an envelope in the basket at Mass. I want them to understand that it is important to us, and I pray that one day it will be important to them too.”

– Karen Ongena

The day-to-day commitment of the parish community has kept me as a member for all these years, and continues to strengthen my faith. These strengths and commitment include the skill of our pastors, the depth and diversity of the music ministry, and the commitment of the social ministry team to serve those in need.”    – Brian O’Neil