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2022 Diocesan Services Appeal

Expenses Fiscal Year 2021

Catholic Diocese of Lansing
228 North Walnut Street
Lansing, MI 48933


What is the purpose of the Diocesan Services Appeal (DSA)? 

The DSA is an annual appeal, meaning gifts are used to sustain the ongoing, day-to-day work of the Church in our Diocese. Our contributions are put to work, right away, in a multitude of ministries and activities. The dollars are not invested or reserved for future use.

How are DSA contributions used?

How are DSA contributions used? Contributions are used to fund the ministries, programs, and services that offer direct assistance to individuals and families and to our parishes, schools, and affiliated Catholic organizations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Adoption and Foster Care Services
  • Building and Property Management
  • Campus Ministry
  • Care for our Priests – Active and Retired
  • Catechesis and Catechist Formation
  • Catholic Charities Works of Mercy
  • Catholic Schools
  • Communications and Technology
  • Consecrated Vocations
  • Diaconate Formation and Support
  • Discipleship and Lay Formation
  • Evangelization Initiatives
  • Faith-Based Counseling
  • FAITH Magazine
  • Hispanic Ministries
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Human Resources and Legal Services
  • Marriage and Family Programs
  • Marriage Tribunal Services
  • Natural Family Planning and Life Ministries
  • Outreach Ministries
  • Parish Financial Services
  • Pregnancy Counseling and Services
  • Professional Services for Parishes
  • Religious Education
  • Restorative Justice/Prison Ministry
  • Retreats and Conferences
  • Sacramental Records and Archives
  • Seminarian Education and Formation
  • St. Francis Retreat Center
  • The Catholic Foundation
  • Worship and Liturgical Resources
  • Young Adult Vocational Formation
  • Youth Formation

DSA contributions are the primary source of income for the Central Services Fund of the Diocese of Lansing. A report of the Central Services Fund expenses in fiscal year 2021 is provided below.

  • Ministry Grants, Service Agreements, Subsidies 20.3%
  • Vocations 17.6%
  • Catholic Charities 7.7%
  • New Evangelization 2.4%
  • Chancery Services and Communications 20.7%
  • Education 4.6%
  • Discipleship Formation 6.7%
  • Diocesan and Parish Financial Services, Stewardship and Human Resources 20%


Is my annual DSA gift really needed?

Yes. The annual support of the faithful across the diocese is critically important to fund our active, ongoing ministries. All gifts, of any size, will provide needed support for ministries that benefit your parish and the mission of the Catholic Church throughout the diocese.

Will DSA funds be used for costs related to the sexual abuse of minors?

No. DSA funds have not been nor will be used for costs related to abuse. Nor are DSA funds diverted to help pay abuse costs in other dioceses.

2022 DSA GOAL: $5,500,000

Our Diocesan Services Appeal is one opportunity to exhibit discipleship –  to share the Good News with others and to offer loving support in the many good works of the Catholic Church.


A recurring monthly gift option!

Many have asked for an easy way to make an ongoing monthly gift to DSA as they currently do for their parish offertory gift. We’re pleased to offer that option this year! Simply go to WWW.DIOCESEOFLANSING.ORG/APPEAL to make a recurring monthly contribution until you choose to stop. Thank you!

Electronic Giving

Many people prefer the convenience of using a credit card or making a direct debit from a bank account for DSA giving. You can make your DSA gift with VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

Simply make your gift online at WWW.DIOCESEOFLANSING.ORG/APPEAL.

Gifts of Stock, from  your IRA, or from your  Donor Advised Fund

You can make your DSA contribution in the form of a stock gift, a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA, or a distribution from your donor advised fund.

Stock may be transferred to The Catholic Foundation without recognizing gains on the appreciated value.  Qualified charitable distributions from your IRA may be transferred to The Catholic Foundation without being subject to income taxes. Consult your tax advisor about these opportunities.  The Catholic Foundation is also eligible to receive donor advised fund distributions.

Prior to making your gift, please contact Matt Hufnagel at 517.253.8748 or for information you or your administrator may need to complete your DSA gift.

Pledge gifts

Stretching your payments makes it easier than ever to contribute generously to the DSA. Again this year, donors to DSA can take advantage of an extended number of months to complete their pledge.

Create your own pledge and payment plan at WWW.DIOCESEOFLANSING.ORG/APPEAL.

Gifts of cash

You can make a cash donation through your parish, or make a check payable to “your parish name/DSA” and mail it to The Catholic Foundation, 101 S. Washington Sq., Suite 620, Lansing, MI 48933. Make a DSA contribution via an electronic transfer at WWW.DIOCESEOFLANSING.ORG/APPEAL.

Matching Gifts

You can double or, in some cases, triple your gift to DSA by taking advantage of your employer’s matching gift program. Each company has its own guidelines as to how much and in what time frame it will donate. Be sure to check with your employer’s human resources department for information and the appropriate matching gift forms. Once you have completed the forms correctly, send them to: The Catholic Foundation, 101 S. Washington Sq., Suite 620, Lansing, MI 48933.


To make your DSA gift today, visit our secure giving page at WWW.DIOCESEOFLANSING.ORG/APPEAL!

FOR MORE INFORMATION on gifts that meet your philanthropic goals, please contact The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Lansing: Matt Hufnagel, President, at 517.253.8748 or, or Donor Services at 517.253.8792 or