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January 2023   Honoring a Holy Woman Who Suffered Greatly
January 2023   Honrando a una mujer santa que sufrió mucho
December 2022   The Gift of Christ in ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’
December 2022   El regalo de Cristo en ‘Los doce días de Navidad’
November 2022   Soup to Soothe Our Souls
November 2022   Sopa para calmar nuestras almas
October 2022   Abraza la sencillez de San Francisco con la sopa de lentejas de Umbría
October 2022   Embrace the Simplicity of St. Francis With Umbrian Lentil Soup
September 2022   Giving Thanks for the Grape Harvest
September 2022   Dando gracias por la vendimia
July August 2022   St. Dominic’s Orange Tree Sowed the Seeds of Faith
July August 2022   El naranjo de Santo Domingo Sembró las semillas de la fe
June 2022   Celebrate John the Baptist’s Feast With Honey Chicken
June 2022   Celebra la fiesta de Juan Bautista Con pollo a la miel
May 2022   Blueberries and Beads
May 2022   Arándanos y Perlas
April 2022   Angelic Eggs
April 2022   Huevos endiablados angelicales
March 2022   Invaluable Irish Imports
March 2022   Importaciones irlandesas invaluables
January February 2022   Practice Being More ‘Present’ to Your Family
January February 2022   En el Año Nuevo, practiquemos estar "presentes" para nuestras familias
November 2021   Dare to Be Different
November 2021   Atrévete a ser diferente
October 2021   In Honor of St. Teresa of Ávila – Serve Up This Comfort Food With Love
October 2021   En honor a Santa Teresa de Ávila – Sirve esta comida reconfortante con amor
September 2021   A Birthday to Remember
September 2021   Un Cumpleaños Para Recordar
July August 2021   Una simple recompensa para un buen hombre: El "milagro" del helado
July August 2021   A Simple Reward for a Good Man
June 2021   Los Perdidos y Encontrados
June 2021   Lost and Found
May 2021   Rosemary Spritzer
May 2021   Un recuerdo de nuestra Santísima Madre por el mes de mayo
April 2021   If Life Gives Us Lemons
January 2021   When Making Do Makes Something Great
November 2020   The Catholic Women of Scotland
September 2020   Korean Martyrs Kept the Faith Alive
June 2020   Blueberries in the Freezer?
May 2020   Resurrection Rolls
May 2020   Lecciones de pascua para niños at 375°
April 2020   Savoring an Austrian Easter Tradition
January February 2020   Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia! (Merry Christmas!)
November 2019   A Cake Fit for a King
October 2019   St. Luke’s Little Summer Salad
September 2019   Symbolism and Soup Go Hand in Hand
July August 2019   The Spice of Life
June 2019   Dove Cake for Pentecost
May 2019   Piece of Cake
April 2019   So What Is a Hot Cross Bun?
March 2019   St. Joseph's Day Pasta
January February 2019   The Candlemas Connection
September 2018   Discovering the Cross With Sweet-smelling Basil
July August 2018   Blessed Fruit on the Feast of the Assumption
June 2018   Take ‘heart’ in Knowing Jesus Loves You
May 2018   A Dessert Fit for a May Crowning
April 2018   We Can’t Live on Bread Alone…But Try This Bruschetta
March 2018   There Are Shortcuts in Cooking, but Not in Faith
January February 2018   Creating an Appetite for Faith
May 2017   A Recipe Leads to Fatima
April 2017   Easter Lessons for Kids
November 2016   Giving Thanks for the Present
October 2016   Slow-Cooker Chili to Break a Fast
September 2016   Michaelmas Blackberry Crisp
July August 2016   Celebrating a Selfless Polish Priest
June 2016   ‘Get the Lead Out’ Food to Fight Lead Exposure
May 2016   A Mary Garden - Simple and Symbolic
April 2016   Keep the Easter Flame Alive in Your Home
March 2016   The Feast Goes on
January February 2016   The Recipe for Catholic Education
October 2015   Holy Enough to Forgive: Human Enough for a Sweet Tooth
June 2015   Liberating Mercy
May 2015   Making the Case for a Rosary
April 2015   A Tall Stack of Hospitality
March 2015   Why Not Donate Something New?
January February 2015   Serving Up Dignity
November 2014   Seasoned With Sharing
October 2014   Words That Help Us Mind Our Words
September 2014   Stolen French Bread and Fine Silverware
June 2014   A Recipe for All Seasons
May 2014   Maybe Mom Was Right - Developing a Taste for Brussels Sprouts and God’s Laws
April 2014   Rediscover Sunday, Family Time, and Potroast
January February 2014   Daily Bread for the Body and Spirit
December 2013   Hecho en México
November 2013   European Seeds, American Harvest
September 2013   Something to Offer
July August 2013   A Display of Support
June 2013   Selfish or Shellfish?
May 2013   A Little Change for a Malt
March 2013   A prayer for Battle
January February 2013   A Real American Hero
November 2012   Leftovers Redeemed
September 2012   Nobility for Christ
July August 2012   Imagine a Young Man of Noble Birth Living in the Early 16th Century...
June 2012   Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed Potato Salad
May 2012   Growing in Faith
April 2012   Sweet Mercy
January February 2012   Poletown Pierogies
October 2011   Eat and Be Mary
July August 2011   A Feast Fit for a Priest - Chicken Piccata With Mushrooms
June 2011   A Blessing for the Home
May 2011   A Polish Easter
May 2011   The Dish on Working Together
March 2011   Remembering a Shepherd
October 2010   Once Upon a Time
June 2010   Sundae School
May 2010   From Recliner to Remembering
April 2010   Will Evangelize for Food
March 2010   Managing God’s Gifts – A Stewardship Journal
January February 2010   Got Milk? Got a Date? Tres Leches Cake
November 2009   Make Leftovers Gourmet Rice and Potato Soup
June 2009   Good to the Last Leaf
April 2009   Jesus vs. The Easter Bunny
March 2008   Frame of Faith
January February 2008   Irish Roots
November 2007   Soup That’s a Work of Art – One of God’s Simple Blessings
October 2007   A Tisket, a Tasket
July August 2007   Good-Cheer Smoothie
June 2007   St. Peter's Fish Pronto
May 2007   Imagery That's Good
January February 2007   Points in Heaven Versus Pounds on Hips
November 2006   A Candle for Remembering
October 2006   Thank You for That Really Important Gift
July August 2006   Light Up Your Summer Nights With Luminaria
May 2006   Meatloaf? Grilled Cheese?
October 2005   How to Make a Rosary
September 2005   What Would Jesus Eat?
December 2004   Shoes for St. Nick
June 2004   Dresser Ministry
May 2004   Mother's Day Devotion
April 2004   Flowers of Faith
January February 2004   Prayer Nook
November 2003   Blessed Biscotti
June 2003   The Legend of St. Anthony’s Bread
April 2003   Hot Cross Buns and Easter Egg Bread - Easter Favorites
March 2003   St. Joseph’s Table
January February 2003   Christmas Isn’t Over: Celebrate Epiphany
December 2002   How to Make a Rosary Out of Roses
November 2002   Comfort Food
October 2002   Couples Wedding Shower
May June 2002   Flaming Foods Put Us in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit
April 2002   The Simple Act of Making and Breaking Bread
March 2002   Palm Weaving
January 2002   Christening Customs
November 2001   Give Thanks for Pie
October 2001   Family Tree Tips – Rooted in Faith
September 2001   Meet Saint John’s Band
July August 2001   Loading Up Then Open Up
May June 2001   Souvenirs of Sanctity
April 2001   Passover Seder – A Great Way to Connect to Jesus’ Story
March 2001   Take a Coffee Break That Really Revives
February 2001   Tomorrow, We Fast – Today, We Eat
January 2001   Celebrate Your Second Birthday Every Year
December 2000   How Candles, Cookies and Closeness Can Add Up to Christmas
November 2000   Three Family Favorites – One Common Ingredient – Tradition
September 2000   Wear Your Faith
July August 2000   The Eternal Flame of Summer – Grilling
May June 2000   Potted Perennials With a Purpose
April 2000   A Basket of Blessings
March 2000   No Meat Doesn’t Have to Be Meaningless
February 2000   Popcorn