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Blueberries and Beads

In Honor of the Blessed Mother

In our house, we love our blueberries. Whether in smoothies, homemade jam, cereal or in baked goods, we include them in just about everything. Not only do we love eating blueberries, we enjoy picking them annually as well. Every year, when I’m out in the field plucking each fruit from the branch, I can’t help but think of my grandmother, since she, too, loved blueberry picking. I wish I could have the opportunity to experience one more such fun outing with her.

Grandma also taught me the importance of saying the rosary as a child, and I realize now that my fondest memories with her growing up are when she would pray it with my family. If I could go back in time, I would love just one more day to have that experience again as well.

I often think about how the passions and traditions of our older generations should be preserved and handed down to the younger ones.

My grandma loved to bake and, according to my dad, she made amazing blueberry muffins. Sadly, however, her recipe cannot be found. It’s why I’m grateful that my daughter, who was recently assigned to bake something using “sodium bicarbonate” (baking soda) for her food chemistry class, chose to make scrumptious blueberry muffins.

Grandma’s recipe may have vanished, but her influence and spirit certainly remain.

And so do her prayers. I feel them when I pray the rosary myself. I thank God for her influence, and I hope to give witness to future generations in our family the same devotion to the rosary my Grandma gave to me.

May is the month of the Blessed Mother, and there is no prayer more pleasing to her than the rosary. And as blue is her color, these delicious blueberry muffins are a wonderful way to honor her, Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth!

Arándanos y Perlas
Photography by Shane Folkertsma

Michelle DiFranco is a designer and the busy mom of three children.