Marriage Matters

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  Él dice: Me temo que ella se está convirtiendo en una adicta
  ¿Cómo evitamos que el estrés y la ansiedad de este tiempo dañen nuestro matrimonio?
  Ella dice: Tengo una gran oportunidad de empleo
  Él dice: Necesitamos usar disciplina más efectiva
  Él dice: Ella perdida mucho dinero comprando en línea (online)
  Ella dice: Quiero ir a su reunión de la escuela secundaria
  Ella dice: Su madre está demasiado involucrada en la crianza de nuestro bebé.
  ELLA DICE: ‘Estoy cansada de ser la encargada de la disciplina
  Él dice: Deberíamos invitar a los compañeros de cuarto de nuestro hijo para la Navidad
  Ella dice: Él no quiere tomar sus medicinas para la depresión.
  Él dice: Necesitamos de “tiempo para nosotros”
  Ella dice: Debemos planear nuestro funeral
  ELLA DICE: Él hace comentarios sarcásticos sobre nuestros amigos
January 2023   He Says: We Love Each Other but Are So Different
January 2023   Él dice: Nosotros nos amamos, pero somos muy diferentes
December 2022   He and She Say: We’re Dreading Going Home to Either of Our Families for the Holidays
December 2022   Él y ella dicen: Tenemos miedo de ir a casa de cualquiera de nuestras familias para las vacaciones.
November 2022   He Says: Now That We Can Gather Again as an Extended Family, I Want to Invite the Big Group for Thanksgiving.
November 2022   Él dice: Ahora que podemos reunirnos nuevamente como familia extensa, quiero invitar al grupo grande para el Día de Acción de Gracias.
October 2022   He says: I lost my job and have not been able to find another that pays me what I think I’m worth
October 2022   Él dice: Perdí mi trabajo y no he podido encontrar otro que me pague lo que creo que merezco
September 2022   She says: He wants to invest in cryptocurrency, but I feel it’s too risky
September 2022   Ella dice: Quiere invertir en criptomonedas, pero creo que es demasiado arriesgado
July August 2022   She says: I thought he would stop playing video games after we got married
July August 2022   Ella dice: Pensé que dejaría de jugar videojuegos después de que nos casáramos
June 2022   He Says: I Don’t Want Her Brother to Babysit
June 2022   Él dice: No quiero que su hermano cuide a nuestros hijos
May 2022   She Says: I Want to Travel Now That We’re Retired
May 2022   Ella dice: Quiero viajar ahora que estamos jubilados
April 2022   Ella dice: No creo que tengamos que compartir todos nuestros activos financieros
April 2022   She Says: I Don’t Think We Have to Share All of Our Financial Assets
April 2022   What’s Sacramental About Marriage?
March 2022   She Says: Sometimes I Snap at Him
March 2022   Ella dice: A veces exploto contra él
January February 2022   She Says: I Need My “Alone Time”
January February 2022   Ella dice: Necesito mi "tiempo a solas".
December 2021   She Says: Our Marriage Takes a Back Seat to Hanging Out With the Guys
December 2021   Ella dice: Nuestro matrimonio pasa a un segundo plano por pasar el rato con los chicos
November 2021   He Says: She Is Always Bragging About Her Family History
November 2021   Él dice: Ella siempre se jacta de su historia familiar
October 2021   Ella dice: Siempre soy la que debe ceder
October 2021   She Says: I’m Always the One to Give in
September 2021   He Says: We Hardly Ever See Each Other
September 2021   Él Dice: Nosotros Casi Nunca Nos Vemos
July August 2021   HE SAYS: Let’s do online school again
July August 2021   Él dice: Hagamos la escuela en línea de nuevo.
June 2021   Ella dice: Miguel está al límite y últimamente tiene mal genio.
June 2021   SHE SAYS: I’m concerned about his temper
May 2021   SHE SAYS: I want to go back to school for a master’s degree
May 2021   Ella dice: Quiero volver a la escuela para hacer una maestría
April 2021   SHE SAYS: I lost my job and my work was important to me
March 2021   SHE SAYS: John needs to give away some of his stuff
January 2021   SHE SAYS: Do we have to talk about work when we spend all day “in the office” together?
December 2020   SHE SAYS: I really disagree with some of the choices he made in the voting booth and I’m really struggling to understand.
November 2020   She Says: I Don't Want to Invite My Biological Father to My Wedding
October 2020   He Says: She Didn’t Tell Me Our Daughter Got a Speeding Ticket
October 2020   Él Dice: Ella no me dijo que nuestra hija recibió una multa por exceso de velocidad
September 2020   Our Parenting Styles Are Really Different
July August 2020   He Says: I Think We Should Take the Chance and Visit Our Grandchildren
June 2020   How do we divide child-care tasks while both working full-time from home?
May 2020   How do we keep the stress of this time from straining our marriage?
April 2020   He says: She thinks my habits are annoying
March 2020   She Says: Jason’s Brother Doesn’t Seem to Like Me
January February 2020   She Says: ‘I want him to choose a Christmas gift for me.’
December 2019   ÉL DICE: Está obsesionada con su salud y su dieta
December 2019   He says: She’s become obsessed with her health and diet
October 2019   He says: I had an emotional relationship via Facebook
September 2019   He says: Our friends are all parents of our kids’ friends
July August 2019   He says: I'm tired of entertaining people who don't reciprocate
June 2019   She says: After my diagnosis, we need to move
June 2019   ELLA DICE: Después de mi diagnosis, tenemos que apurarnos.
May 2019   He says: Her sole focus is our child She says: It’s our most important job!
April 2019   She says: Matt never says “Thank you." He says: Sarah knows I appreciate her
March 2019   He says: She wants a divorce, I had no idea.
January February 2019   He says: She spends too much money on clothes
December 2018   She says: My mom likes to donate to charitable causes
November 2018   He Says: My daughter and her boyfriend aren’t spending the night together in our house
October 2018   She Says: He is always taking his mother’s side
September 2018   Five keys to a happier marriage
July August 2018   He says: We are struggling financially and I think I should get a second job
June 2018   He Says: The Kids’ Summer is Too Structured
May 2018   She says: I don't want to homeschool our kids
April 2018   She says: He makes snide comments about our friends
March 2018   She says: Joe is always telling our friends what to do
January February 2018   She says: I think we should sacrifice to have no debt
December 2017   He says: Separate Christmases for our quarreling daughters?
November 2017   He says: I’m retired and I want to travel
October 2017   She says: We should donate only to Catholic Charities
September 2017   She says: I'm tired of being the disciplinarian
July August 2017   He Says: We can't afford to pay for our daughter's college
June 2017   She says: His mother is too involved in our parenting
May 2017   She says: I want to go to his high school reunion
April 2017   When Your Fiancé Isn’t Catholic
April 2017   He says: We need to use more effective discipline
March 2017   He says: She posts too many photos of our kids on Facebook
January February 2017   He says: She is always texting, even during dinner
December 2016   He says: I’m not going to my brother’s house for Christmas
November 2016   It’s time for our daughter to host Christmas dinner
October 2016   He says: We should put our son in a group home
September 2016   He says: "I don't want to feel guilty about not going to mass"
July August 2016   She says: All we ever do is argue
June 2016   She says: I want to make sure we get to Mass every week
May 2016   He Says: NFP is putting a strain on our marriage
April 2016   She says: I want to join a faith sharing group
March 2016   He says: I'm not sure I can trust my son again
January February 2016   He says: The kids moved out, and now she's never home
December 2015   He says: We should invite our son’s roommates for Christmas
November 2015   He says: She lost a lot of our money shopping online
October 2015   She says: I have a great job opportunity
September 2015   He Says: I'm afraid she's becoming addicted
July August 2015   She Says: We should plan our funeral
June 2015   She Says: I can’t leave the baby at home
May 2015   She says: He won’t take his depression meds
April 2015   She says: "I really want to be a stay-at-home mom"
March 2015   He Says: I don’t find her attractive anymore
January February 2015   He Says: I want her to use NFP exclusively
December 2014   We need to eat healthier food
November 2014   My fiancée is too stressed out about our wedding
October 2014   He Says: "She is showing signs of dementia"
September 2014   She Says: His parents seem to hate me at times
July August 2014   He Says: She gossips with her friend about our marriage
June 2014   She Says: “He’s obsessed with his iPhone”
May 2014   He Says: "Our adult son moved back in, and I want him out"
April 2014   She Says: “A vacation means a nice hotel on the beach”
March 2014   She Says: "I can't trust him anymore, so I don't see any other way."
January February 2014   She says: “I don’t think our daughter’s destination wedding is valid.”
December 2013   She says: “Our daughter needs to learn what it means to be a parent on her own.”
November 2013   She says: “We pay child support – that’s enough.”
September 2013   She says: “He has unrealistic expectations of our children.”
July August 2013   He Says: “Getting a Tattoo Is Immoral.”
June 2013   She says: “Our house is full of his junk!”
May 2013   SHE SAYS: “I’m just practical. Why can’t Patrick see that?”
April 2013   SHE SAYS: “I can’t stand the way he eats!”
March 2013   She Says: “I believe we should pray always.”
January February 2013   She says: “He is spending us into the poorhouse!”
December 2012   He says: “Our daughter is old enough to choose her own boyfriend”
November 2012   He says: “She wants everything to be exactly even for our children.”
September 2012   She says: “The kids are trying hard enough in school.”
July August 2012   She says: “I don’t want our children to know they have a half-sibling.”
June 2012   "I am tired of arguing about politics!" - "Then what do we Talk about?"
May 2012   "I don't want to call my mother-in-law Mom.' " "My mom loves her - what's the problem?"
April 2012   "My brother-in-law is having an affair. I want to tell my sister."
March 2012   "I want my wife to come to Mass with me." "I am not a Catholic."
January February 2012   "My kids aren't being treated fairly in our marriage." "I made promises about money to my late wife"
December 2011   "I don't want my son raised by a stranger." "I love my job."
November 2011   "I caught him 'chatting' online to another woman"
October 2011   Learning to be a great step-mom
July August 2011   "My wife's stepmom should take care of her husband" "My stepmother is neglecting dad. I want him to move in with us"
June 2011   "My house isn't my own." - "She needs to accept my past."
May 2011   "Smoking is a deal-breaker." - "Marriage shouldn't have deal-breakers."
April 2011   It's my turn to be Mommy - The kids just need time.
March 2011   I dread family holidays - I do all the work.
January February 2011   "He wants my e-mail password - that's private!"
December 2010   Our 15-year-old is pregnant - we need to help her raise the baby.
October 2010   He's gained weight and I'm not attracted to him anymore.
July August 2010   I'm afraid my husband is an alcoholic
June 2010   We got married too young - I want to try the single life.
May 2010   I hate not being the breadwinner
March 2010   He needs to find a job
January February 2010   I can't stand our daughter-in-law.
December 2009   I love my wife, but my stepson has to go!
November 2009   I think she's having an affair with a co-worker
October 2009   Our faith should be the most important thing in our lives
July August 2009   She says: His big mouth embarrasses me. He says: Get over it
June 2009   Her mom needs to go to a nursing home
May 2009   He wants to run our home like a military unit
April 2009   We agreed to use "the Pill"
March 2009   She treats "our" child better than "my" child
January February 2009   We had a baby and I lost my wife! - He's acting like a baby himself
December 2008   We're going to Paris, let's plan! - Can't we just 'wing it'?
November 2008   She's having an affair
October 2008   Our toddler belongs at Sunday Mass! - He's too lively and distracting.
September 2008   Our parish closed, where should we go?
July August 2008   Mass is important to our family, It's not important to me
May 2008   She's married to her job, I'm just dedicated
March 2008   She says: I am so depressed, He says: Snap out of it
December 2007   It's my money, I thought we shared everything
November 2007   We're retired - it's time to chuck it in and travel
October 2007   He flirts with other women
July August 2007   We've already raised our children - it's not our turn
June 2007   I want my mother to move in
May 2007   When we're on vacation, I want to see all the sights!
April 2007   He doesn't know how to dress right without my help
March 2007   I don't want to support her deadbeat relatives
January February 2007   The romance has fizzled, He may be right
November 2006   His kids get more than mine, My kids don't get enough
October 2006   I want more romance, I'm too tired
July August 2006   I should be number one!, But she's my mother!
June 2006   Why should I work?, He's irresponsible
May 2006   It's normal, No it's porn
April 2006   He wants to risk it all for a new business, she wants to play it safe
March 2006   He's lazy, She's a nag
January February 2006   He's frugal, She's a spender
November 2005   Take time for a family meeting to plan some fun!
October 2005   It's about time to savor the sunset
July August 2005   Share your daily commute
June 2005   Love can be lovelier the second time around
April 2005   5 Ways to Balance Time as a Couple
January February 2005   Take 10 Minutes to Talk
October 2004   Spending and giving
July August 2004   Giving the gift of self
June 2004   Learning good communication
May 2004   Turn chores into time together
April 2004   No time for prayer? Do it first
March 2004   What are your needs and dreams?
January February 2004   Is your marriage a priority?