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My fiancée is too stressed out about our wedding

He Says: Elizabeth has turned into Bridezilla. One bridesmaid has quit the wedding, and I am pretty close myself. How do I get my sweet love back before we end up canceling the wedding?

She Says: I know Colin is upset with my stress over this wedding. But he’ll see when the day comes – it will be worth it when we have the perfect day!

What do THEY do?

It’s so sad that weddings cause stress. Not the marriage – but the showy extravaganza of so many weddings today. What do you think when you hear someone say to a young couple on their wedding day, “This is the happiest day of your life.” Is the implication that it’s all downhill from here? Let’s hope not!

Colin: Sit down with Elizabeth and tell her that: a) you love her, and b) you are concerned about how this stress is affecting her. Remember that this is your wedding, too, and more importantly, your marriage. Perhaps the two of you could think about scaling back your plans to a simpler wedding with family and a few of your closest friends. Think more about, “people who will be there for us and support us throughout our marriage” and less about “people I feel socially obligated to invite.”

Elizabeth: Chill. This day will be perfect because you are joining your life with the man you love, in the presence of your closest friends and relatives and, most importantly, God. You are beginning a family! That is what makes the day perfect – not the dress, the shoes or the centerpieces on the table at the reception.

Both of you need to sit down together, say a prayer for guidance, and decide what is more important – the wedding day or your marriage. If you can’t honestly say it’s the marriage, then call the whole thing off until you really understand what this vocation is all about.