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  ‘Somos lo mismo’
  Para aquellos a quienes Olga sirve – “Quiero que sepan que son amados y que Dios está de su lado”
  Para Rocío, “Dios nos da oportunidades todos los días para que veamos su rostro en los demás”
October 2023   Redeemed
November 2023   Michigan March for Life 2023: Why Genevieve Believes You Should be There
December 2023   ‘There’s Always Enough’
April 2024   A Beloved Son Returns
May 2024   Farming and Faith: A Match Made in Heaven
July August 2024   Appointed and anointed
September 2023   Bringing Christ to Campus
July August 2023   Welcome to Cottonwood Farm: Building Faith, Fraternity and Family Life
June 2023   My love letter to our newborn son
May 2023   Entrusted with the Children of God: What Catholic Motherhood Looks Like in 2023
April 2023   On the Road to Emmaus with Bishop Boyea
January February 2023   Presidents’ Day
December 2022   ‘He Saved My Life’
September 2022   Sister Marie Paul Serves the Underserved
September 2022   Sister Mary Rafqa Boulos, RSM
September 2022   Sister Mary Nika Schaumber, RSM
July August 2022   Ordination 2022
June 2022   ‘Finding a Place to Thrive While Doing God’s Will’
June 2022   ‘The Role of the Deacon’s Wife Is as Unique as the Women Who Fill That Role’
May 2022   After Ann’s Move to a Catholic School Attending Mass With the Students ‘Fills Me With Joy’
April 2022   ‘I Get to Come Home to My Family Every Night’
January February 2022   ‘God Has Favored Me With a Child’
December 2021   ‘Making Sure Nothing Catches Fire in These Little Lives’
November 2021   ‘What Are You Searching for?’
April 2021   'God Set Me on a Path to Joy'
March 2021   Together, Office of Catholic Schools and Principals Serve Christ and Their Students
January 2021   ‘We Thank God Every Day For Bringing Him To Us’
December 2020   ‘It’s Amazing How Your Life Can Change’
November 2020   ‘There is so Much More Beauty and Meaning in a Catholic Life’
July August 2020   Ordination 2020
January February 2020   'I came to know that God loved me and I was forgiven'
December 2019   For Rocio, 'God gives opportunities every day to see his face in others’
November 2019   I see God in others, and they make me want to be closer to him
October 2019   St. Vincent de Paul micro-loan changed Lynda’s life
September 2019   ‘You need God to live the sacrament of marriage’
July August 2019   ‘Anointing of the sick isn’t just for those who are dying’
July August 2019   For those whom Olga serves – ‘I want them to know they are loved and that God is on their side.’
June 2019   She is our Dream Come True
May 2019   ‘Now we can be together with Jesus'
April 2019   Bringing Jesus to jail for 27 years
April 2019   'We are the same’
March 2019   Beth's job at a Catholic school led to her conversion
January February 2019   The Wild Goose is loose in Sarah and Jeff’s life
November 2018   Adam at the Assembly: A Powerful Faith Experience
October 2018   Congratulations Most Reverend Gerald Vincke
July August 2018   Paul's 'Aha Moment' changed his life
July August 2018   Msgr. Gerald Vincke from the Diocese of Lansing named as bishop of Salina, Kansas
June 2018   “What good does it do to be bitter?” Ginger’s faith has helped her cope with polio
May 2018   Loving our baby, Hope: Jill and Zac's courageous decision
April 2018   For Ifeoma and Ike, ‘The value of a Catholic education is vital’
March 2018   Deb uses her gifts to lead and 'be the person God called me to be'
January February 2018   When Danielle's kids became Catholic, she did too
December 2017   Walking the streets of one of America's poorest cities: What is a deacon from Chelsea doing in Flint?
November 2017   Conversion to Catholicism is the best chapter in Stephanie's Book of Life
October 2017   Brianna’s growth as a disciple makes her realize ‘It’s OK to be a young person who loves God'
September 2017   In Christian Family Movement, Brian and Mary Ann learned to 'step out in faith and trust God'
July August 2017   50 years as a priest
June 2017   Carl embraces both faith and science
May 2017   Gordon waited for God to call him home
April 2017   Evangelizing in Friendship
March 2017   Ryan witnesses to eighth-graders as a catechist
January February 2017   Beth's Mission: Making Saints
December 2016   Prayers and support save Wezi's unborn baby
November 2016   Catholic Charities counseling helped save Joe and Crystal's marriage
October 2016   Teen Rebecca felt the presence of God at her confirmation retreat
September 2016   Marsha is 'called by name' to come back to the Church
July August 2016   Surviving Divorce
June 2016   Finding purpose, one stitch at a time
May 2016   When I came to America, my heart opened
April 2016   Dr. Mona, the hero of the Flint water crisis
March 2016   I felt at home at Mass
January February 2016   Bill and Theresa make Catholic Education a priority
December 2015   From refugee to mason farmer, Bhim embraces his new life
November 2015   From seasonal farm worker to school principal
October 2015   There’s so much more to being Catholic
September 2015   30 Minutes to Flee
July August 2015   Putting others first
December 2014   I look at Rachael and see Jesus
November 2014   Serving the Incarcerated, Deacon Jack is the "Way Maker"
June 2014   Father Enzo is building hope and home for people with developmental disabilities.
May 2014   Keeping Family in the Family Farm
April 2014   After prison, Doris gained a new life and a new faith
April 2013   Habemus Papam! We have a pope!
October 2012   James' and Adriana's mission trip at home, Catholic Urban Project Missionaries
July August 2012   Baseball and Priests
January February 2012   For Julie Coenen, Courage is all in a day's work