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  Durante esta temporada de Pascua, y siempre, Jesús nos muestra el verdadero amor
  La Eucaristía – La fuente del perdón, la sanación y la gracia
  Ministrando a nuestros hermanos y hermanas
March 2009   Welcome Home!
April 2021   From death to life – Happy Easter!
April 2021   Bishop’s Year of the Bible
April 2021   Lectio Divina – Imaginative Prayer
January 2021   Evangelize by both words and deeds
December 2020   The enduring gift of the Eucharist
July August 2020   Open wide our hearts
July August 2020   Welcome Home!
April 2020   The Light of Christ is still shining in our diocese
January February 2020   Meeting with Pope Francis
December 2019   The Holy Trinity - the most important of our beliefs
December 2019   La Santísima Trinidad: La más importante de nuestras creencias
July August 2019   Eucharist – the source of forgiveness, healing and grace
April 2019   Ministering to our brothers and sisters
January February 2019   Who is truth? Jesus, the son of God
December 2018   The wounded and risen Lord is the key
July August 2018   Pray that more young men will hear God's call
April 2018   Ten years with Bishop Boyea
January February 2018   We must welcome the stranger
December 2017   How can we become missionary disciples?
July August 2017   Go forth where the spirit is leading
January February 2017   Standing on two legs
December 2016   Jesus is Lord!
July August 2016   How Can We Help 'Announce the Gospel of the Lord'?
April 2016   You are called by name
January February 2016   Catholic schools are our hope for the future
December 2015   Let us seek what is truly good for one another
July August 2015   Called by God to lives of service
April 2015   God’s Divine Mercy
January February 2015   Are you saved?
December 2014   A year for marriage
July August 2014   Our loss is their gain!
April 2014   I always knew he was a saint!
January February 2014   Make this year a stewardship year
July August 2013   Why aren’t we listening to God’s call?
April 2013   Pope Francis, a shepherd with the heart of Christ
January February 2013   How faith can be deeper after doubt
December 2012   God’s love is the greatest gift of Christmas
July August 2012   What is marriage?
April 2012   People of faith under attack
April 2012   In thanksgiving for those in consecrated life
January February 2012   "Love for Jesus and his Church must be the passion of our lives!"
December 2011   The greatest gift
July August 2011   We are called to be the lifeblood of God in our world today
January February 2011   Why Catholic schools?
December 2010   Advent a celebration of death and life
July August 2010   ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me’
June 2010   Protecting our children
April 2010   Why do we kneel?
January February 2010   What makes a human being a person?
December 2009   We answer the call to evangelize
July August 2009   A new translation of the Mass – a call a renewed commitment to worship
June 2009   Encouraging spiritual perfection
April 2009   Christ is risen, Alleluia!
January February 2009   Happy New Year!
December 2008   The other vocation crisis - marriage
July August 2008   Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop Boyea celebrate the beginning of the Pauline Year.
June 2008    Bishop Boyea celebrates the Rite of Candidacy for two seminarians
June 2011   A civilization of love - the Feast of the Sacred Heart
June 2012   A year of faith, a year of prayer
June 2013   The little-known Vatican II document on communication
June 2015   Called to mercy
June 2016   Faith in Flint: It's more than water
June 2018   Every person is a gift
June 2019   Upholding true marriage
June 2020   Assist God in drawing the greatest good from these times
March 2010   Who is a good steward?
March 2012   My visit to Rome
March 2013   What are indulgences?
March 2014   The Life of the Domestic Church
March 2015   What is Humanae vitae really about?
March 2016   News I want to share with you
March 2017   We are never finished with mercy
March 2018   Racism is a sin
March 2020   St. Joseph is a model for parenting
March 2021   In the End, Everything Belongs to God
May 2009   Catholic Schools: ‘a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel’
May 2010   The leadership role of the bishop
May 2011   God’s plan for marriage a reflection of his love
May 2012   Bishop responds to urgent need in the Church
May 2013   No Meat on Fridays all year long?
May 2014   In thanks for Women
May 2015   Our Continuing Commitment to Flint
May 2016   Mary, our mother, is the untier of knots
May 2017   The Blessed Mother points us to Jesus
May 2017   Easter - the Heart of our Faith
May 2018   A celebration of married love
May 2019   Discern God’s will in your life
May 2020   During this Easter Season, and always, Jesus shows us true love
November 2008   I knew I wanted to be a priest in second grade
November 2009   Rich and poor. A vision for the future of the economy.
November 2012   Please go vote!
November 2013   In the fight against abortion, our role is to offer mercy
November 2014   Vote your conscience
November 2015   Prayer to open ourselves to true life
November 2015   Pope Francis: The Bridge-Builder
November 2016   We are all 'Called by Name' to share Jesus with others
November 2017   Welcome Our Lost Sheep Home
November 2018   We Were Made For True Happiness; Let’s Help Others See That, Too
November 2019   We are strengthened and blessed by religious freedom
November 2020   Year of the Bible Begins Nov. 29
October 2009   “We believe” or “I believe” A look at the Nicene Creed
October 2010   What are some of the different words we’ll be saying at Mass?
October 2011   You have a right to be alive!
October 2012   Reflections on 10 years as a bishop
October 2014   Lessons from the ‘Snowshoe Priest’ Bishop Baraga, first bishop of Marquette
October 2015   Marriage, family and the Church
October 2016   Be a "Faithful Citizen" this November
October 2017   Why am I here?
October 2020   The 8th Day
September 2009   In the world, or of it?
September 2010   Growing in zeal for the Lord
September 2011   Honoring workers
September 2012   What is your relationship to Jesus?
September 2013   What is marriage and why is it important?
September 2014   Bishops to meet on challenges facing the family
September 2015   Have you any doubt that this is an innocent human being?
September 2016   Why bother with one lost sheep?
September 2018   Join Us Sept. 22 At The Breslin Center
September 2019   A petition to support life
September 2020   Trust in the Afterlife to Which God Invites Us