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 | By Bishop Earl Boyea

Enriching the Altar

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ.

“The offering of the just enriches the altar.” (Sir 35:8) This verse from the book of Sirach, can help us reflect on what we are doing during Mass. When we offer our prayers and gifts in union with others, we join ourselves to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the altar every Sunday.

Our Diocesan Services Appeal (DSA) is one such occasion to unite ourselves more deeply to the sacrifice of the altar. Our DSA offerings are a powerful opportunity to enrich the work of the church in the year ahead. 

Your DSA gifts are a part of the offerings that enrich the work of the church throughout our diocese. Food pantries provide meals for the hungry. Care and support is provided to mothers and children of unplanned pregnancies. Counseling centers support those with mental health and substance abuse issues. Catholic schools instruct children in the faith. Vocational formation yields strong marriages and the next generation of priests. The DSA supports all these and many more ministries that share the love of Jesus.

DSA donations are vital to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy of our Church. Your generosity underscores the profound truth that our offerings, our sacrifices, and our charity manifest the very essence of our faith, consistently and without fail.

Brothers and sisters, let our DSA contributions be joined to the sacred offerings we set on the altar as we all seek the sanctification that only the Lord can provide. Together, aided with the graces received through the Holy Eucharist, we will carry out the work of the Church in the year ahead.

Thank you! And may God bless you for all that you do with and for one another.

Yours in Christ, 

+Earl Boyea 

Most Rev. Earl Boyea
Bishop of Lansing