GO Evangelize

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November 2019   Donna's financial expertise helps keep diocese and parishes strong
October 2019   As a volunteer driver, Gary shares his faith
September 2019   Jill prays for others
July August 2019   Praying before Christ in the Eucharist
June 2019   Mary accompanies the dying
May 2019   ‘Evangelization is being present and able to get people involved’
April 2019   Love is the essence of the ‘parenting journey’
March 2019   As a church musician, Dominic is constantly ‘inviting others into prayer’
January February 2019   ‘God is alive in and through each of us’
December 2018   GO Evangelize: Create persistent relationships rooted in faith
November 2018   ‘We open ourselves up and ask God what he wants us to do’
October 2018   For Arie, it’s important to ‘walk with people and take it seriously’
September 2018   Real happiness is a joy that cannot be taken from us
September 2018   Discover God's plan for happiness in your life
July August 2018   GO Evangelize: God wants to get our attention
June 2018   GO Evangelize: Accompany people with patience and charity
May 2018   GO Evangelize: Prayer is the backbone of evangelization
April 2018   Go Evangelize: We are all called to constantly invite
March 2018   GO evangelize: Katie invites others to encounter the faith
January February 2018   Richard’s witness brings friends back to church
December 2017   GO evangelize - Cheryl accompanies others as they grow in faith