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  On the Road and Off, Patrick Wants Men to Accept the Challenge and Attend the Men’s Conference
  Consecration of Virgins Living in the World
June 2021   Deacon Ordination 2021
July August 2021   Krista Starts Owosso Catholics in Action
July August 2021   Para Sor María Antonia, Su Trabajo Con Los Migrantes Es “contemplar El Rostro De Jesús en Los Rostros De Mis Hermanos Y Hermanas”.
November 2020   How Will I Maintain My Relationship With Christ and His Church After I Graduate?
September 2020   ‘We Have to Step up to the Plate and Make the World a Better Place’
July August 2020   In the Midst of Confusion, God Is Near
July August 2020   Tammy Provides Faith-Based Counseling in This Difficult Time
July August 2020   The Sacramental Life
November 2019   When praying the Rosary, José says, ‘I like to pray thank you for little things’
November 2019   How I encounter Christ in the sacraments
April 2019   Confirmation retreats sow the seeds of faith and discipleship
January February 2019   Cross & Light shows Jesus' love
December 2018   Father Dave invites the Holy Spirit into our lives with the Wild Goose
September 2018   Reigniting men’s Catholic faith
July August 2018   ‘It's wonderful!’
March 2018   Dr. Mary Healy - First female member of Pontifical Biblical Commission from Diocese of Lansing
September 2017   After participating in a Called and Gifted workshop, Meghan’s work brings her “personal peace and joy”
January February 2017   Evangelizing/living the faith
January February 2017   Men's conference for Tom is opportunity for spiritual growth
January February 2017   What can you do about human trafficking?
January February 2017   'Prayer changes us' - Ruth knows the power of prayer
July August 2016   Meet Father Peter Lawrence
July August 2016   Meet Father Brian Lenz
July August 2016   Meet Father Ryan Riley
July August 2016   Meet Father Mike Murray
July August 2016   Meet Father Paul Donnelly
April 2016   'Overwhelmed by the value' of her Catholic education
April 2016   Deacon Tom's hospital ministry is a 'liturgy of the bedside'
November 2015   On a mission: Andy brings faith to the workplace
October 2015   Jeff grew in his faith – and met his wife – at DYLC
March 2015   From Abuse to N.E.W. Life - How Sisters Judy and Carol helped Jessie believe in herself
November 2013   Sister Helen brings Christ to "dead men walking"
March 2013   Melvin and Silvia's marriage was saved by Retrouvaille
January February 2013   Anthony's Art of Autism
December 2012   How Jason helps people make end-of-life decisions
November 2012   Three brothers - Three priests
September 2012   2,200 Passengers, a brave priest, and a ship named Titanic