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Consecration of Virgins Living in the World

By Tom Gennara

Consecration of Virgins Living in the World

On Saturday, Nov. 16, Dawn Hausmann and Weena Isabelle Gaulin were consecrated by Bishop Earl Boyea at the Mass for the Consecration to a Life of Virginity for Women Living in the World at St. Mary Cathedral in Lansing. Bishop Boyea, the principal celebrant, was joined by nearly 30 clergy from across the Diocese of Lansing. They were assisted by Deacon Randy Desrochers and Deacon Gene Hausmann, Dawn's father. The music was provided by a joint chorus consisting of the Choir of St. Mary Cathedral; the Choir of the Church of the Resurrection, Lansing; and the Choir of the St. Joseph Shrine, Brooklyn.

In his homily, Bishop Boyea said: “What is to be most noted about today is that this celebration is not about what you do, but about what God does to you through his Church. You are consecrated, dedicated to the service of the Church and all humanity. True, you offer your gift of your virginity, but it is a gift which the Church then takes and turns from a lack to a blessing by this act of consecration.”

Dawn Hausmann, director of consecrated vocations, coordinator of young adult ministry and delegate for consecrated life for the Diocese of Lansing, shared her thoughts on how she came to choose this vocation and what it means to her:

“I didn't choose this ... Jesus, our ‘wild God,’ wooed me in his love to say ‘yes’ to this unusual marriage with himself, the call to be his bride in the midst of this beautiful but messy world, living a life of virginity for the kingdom. In my gift to Jesus of ‘radical availability’ for himself and his mission of salvation, I know he will use me to bring people to himself. Be it at a pub, in David’s Bridal store, at a tire store or in church, Jesus will be made known to the ones he puts in my path to meet, accompany and share my witness of life and radical love of him, the only One who truly fulfills our hearts’ yearnings!”

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