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July August 2018   In gratitude for the gifts of the Spirit
April 2018   Blessed Paul VI to be canonized this year
January February 2018   ‘The future must be peace’ 
December 2017   Canonization of 35 saints from Brazil and Mexico
July August 2017   Family is a treasure 
April 2017   'Talk less, listen more'
January February 2017   Three American bishops elevated to cardinal
December 2016   Calls for unity, new beatitudes in Sweden
July August 2016   Pope meets with Muslim scholar
April 2016   Pope Francis Visits Mexico
January February 2016   Pope to priests: "Be Pastors, not Officials"
December 2015   The lasting legacy of Pope Francis in Philadelphia
July August 2015   The ‘Pope Franciscus’ white rose
April 2015   Focusing on families, Ukraine and 20 new cardinals
January February 2015   The pope in Turkey making strides toward unity
December 2014   Pope Francis blesses Paralympic athletes
June 2014   Pope Francis canonizes two popes
June 2016   Visiting refugee detention center on Greek island of Lesbos
June 2017   Pope Francis Visits Egypt
June 2018   Evangelization means ‘Get up and go’
March 2015   Huge crowds greet the pope in Sri Lanka, Philippines
March 2016   Vatican issues decree on foot-washing ritual
March 2017   Upcoming synod needs young people’s voices 
March 2018   Pope Francis marries couple during flight
May 2014   President Obama and Pope Francis meet at Vatican
May 2015   Tackling corruption in Naples and keeping church doors open
May 2016   Pope Francis: "Pray for Me" 
May 2017   Apologies for role of Catholics in Rwandan genocide
May 2018   Be patient and courageous in your prayer
November 2014   Pope visits Albania
November 2016   Canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa
November 2017   Mercy Friday visit to neuro-rehab center in Rome
October 2015   Pope presents gift to Library of Congress
October 2016   Church needs impassioned missionaries, not bureaucrats
October 2017   Papal audiences offer message of Christian hope
September 2014   Pope Francis blesses Sudanese woman who refused to renounce her Christian faith
September 2015   New auxiliary bishops for Los Angeles
September 2016   World Youth Day
September 2017   Pope Francis declares Father Solanus Casey “blessed”
September 2018   Catechism Revised To State That Death Penalty ‘Inadmissible’