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Pope Francis Visits Egypt

During a two-day trip to Cairo, Pope Francis preached a message of tolerance at a Mass with Egypt’s small Catholic community, and urged an end to “every form of violence, vengeance and hatred carried out in the name of religion or in the name of God” in a speech at a peace conference at Al-Azhar University, a Sunni Islam university.

On the flight back to Rome, the Holy Father spoke to reporters about a number of topics, including the need for mediation in the North Korea crisis and the plight of refugees throughout the world. When asked if his visit implied support for the Egyptian government, he replied: “No, No … one must interpret (it) literally as values in themselves … I said that defending peace, defending the harmony of peoples, defending the equality of citizens, whichever the religion they profess may be, are values. I spoke of values!”

TED Talk

The Holy Father recorded a TED Talk for the TED2017 conference in Vancouver in April. Expanding on the conference theme of, “The Future You,” Pope Francis focused on three themes:

  1. “None of us is an island”
  2. “A single individual is enough for hope to exist”
  3. The need for a “revolution of tenderness”


"Let us pray for the grace to never grow tired of drawing from the well of the Father's mercy and bringing it to the world" - April 23, 2017