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  Permítanse ser transformados
  Un ministerio a los enfermos es un ministerio de presencia
October 2022   A Note From the Editor
April 2022   Take Time to Read About the Good Works of Catholic Charities
March 2022   Living Our Faith Together
November 2021   Giving Thanks for Selfless Service
October 2021   God Is at Work in the Lives of Young Catholics
September 2021   To See the Face of God
July August 2021   Celebrating Fathers – Both Biological and Spiritual
June 2021   Deacons are a Gift to the Church
May 2021   Parish communities are called to nourish people
April 2021   Father Charlie led me, and so many others, to Christ
March 2021   A New Chapter For FAITH Catholic
January 2021   Thankful for adoption
December 2020   Jesus has been with us this year, every step of the way
October 2020   Helping prepare others for ministry
September 2020   We need our communities of faith
July August 2020   Never a dull moment – my life as a diocesan priest
June 2020   Missing the community of faith and love our parishes provide
April 2020   Uphold and encourage one another
March 2020   Priests and Lay Ministers who Inspire
January February 2020   Thank you, readers, for 20 years of FAITH
July August 2019   Ministry to the sick is a ministry of presence
June 2019   Celebrating our deacons
May 2019   Hunger for the Eucharist
April 2019   Allow yourself to be transformed
January February 2019   Each sacrament helps open a door to God
October 2018   A time of great joy and great sorrow
September 2018   Evangelization looks like many things
July August 2018   If you want to learn something, teach it
June 2018   Dads can surprise us
May 2018   Our faith is meant to be dynamic
April 2018   Thank you, Deacons, for your ministry
March 2018   Experience God’s mercy in the sacrament of reconciliation
January February 2018   Amazing things happen in our parish schools
December 2017   One Big, Happy Family
September 2017   Enrich your parish by sharing your gifts and talents
July August 2017   Thank you, Father Charlie
June 2017   Faith and Science work hand in hand
June 2017   Deacons have a call of their own
May 2017   The anointing of the sick: God's sacramental medicine at work
April 2017   The Liturgies of Holy Week lead us into Easter
March 2017   Engage in some Lenten Housekeeping
January February 2017   How our parish school led a student to conversion
December 2016   I love Advent
November 2016   Transform your life with 'Thanksliving'
October 2016   Does growth have to be painful?
September 2016   The importance of being called by name
June 2016   Rays of Hope in Flint
May 2016   Welcoming the stranger
April 2016   Do we take water for granted?
March 2016   How you can become more engaged with the Mass
January February 2016   Invest time and energy in your marriage
December 2015   God's gentle invitation called me home
October 2015   Growing as Disciples
June 2015   It's time we rally
April 2015   Where is home?
March 2015   Overcoming limitations, bringing comfort to others
January February 2015   A Cold Can of Corn
December 2014   Where your treasure is, your heart will be
November 2014   The Power of Truth
October 2014   Rightside up or upside down, it's all about faith
September 2014   My grandfather, the good steward
June 2014   My glasses help my eyes see, the commandments help our souls see
May 2014   I am my parents’ son
April 2014   Sunday is one of God's great gifts to us
March 2014   Lent challenges us IN A GOOD WAY
January February 2014   Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans
December 2013   A warm welcome for Christ, A warm welcome for us
November 2013   Remember this for life have an attitude of gratitude
October 2013   The Risk of Living
September 2013   What I've seen in happy marriages
June 2013   A summer of changes
May 2013   The Holy Spirit's quiet gifts
April 2013   Pope Francis, bridge builder
March 2013   Bless me Father, for I have sinned...
January February 2013   My biological mother's greatest gift to me
June 2012   Passing on the faith
March 2012   Spring cleaning for the soul
December 2011   Advent is my favorite time of year
October 2011   Never too young to care
September 2011   We stand on the shoulders of giants
July August 2011   Summer a time to reflect, a time to plan
May 2011   Editing in the age of technology
April 2011   The people behind the scenes make our parish run
March 2011   How will we be remembered?
January February 2011   A time of change – a time of renewal
December 2010   Faith can make your marriage stronger
November 2010   What I learned from the ‘man who spoke in pictures’
October 2010   A personal thanks for the gift of life and the gift of family
September 2010   We can learn a lot from teens!
July August 2010   We all have one thing in common: God calls
June 2010   Rest, relaxation and time to spend with God
May 2010   Teaching in the lay ministry formation program
March 2010   A gift brought back to life
January February 2010   Is it Lent again already?
December 2009   … our journey in FAITH continues
November 2009   Finding faith in unexpected places
October 2009   A fresh start in times of darkness
September 2009   What’s really in the news – teens who give back
July August 2009   There may not always be curing but there is always healing
June 2009   Lives full of joy Theresa, Virginia and Paul
April 2009   What can we learn about ourselves from the current financial crisis?
March 2009   Strangers in a strange land
January February 2009   ‘And the greatest of these is love.’
December 2008   Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for the gift of my vocation
November 2008   Dear Fathers ...
September 2008   Change can be exciting
July August 2008   Forgiving but not forgetting
May 2008   Caught in the middle
January February 2008   Being Catholic in Michigan
December 2007   “Have a good Advent”
November 2007   How do we change?
October 2007   The long climb out of hell
September 2007   If you don’t want to know the answer ...
July August 2007   Wow! My first decade as a priest
June 2007   The love of Christ urges us on
May 2007   Called to commit
April 2007   Joy! We need to know how to find it
March 2007   “I know where she is”
January February 2007   Healing a marriage
November 2006   My very quiet neighbors
October 2006   Let go and let God
September 2006   Faith hope and love
July August 2006   My parents' rocking chair
June 2006   Zapped by God?
May 2006   A teacher’s lessons
April 2006   “He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives ... ”
March 2006   Bertha’s gentle soul
January February 2006   Meeting Jesus in our neighbors
December 2005   God’s gentle invitation called me home
November 2005   God's promise of wholeness
October 2005   For all our many blessings let us give thanks
September 2005   Our search for understanding
July August 2005   The selflessness of true freedom
June 2005   What will he be like?
April 2005   On Vacation With God
January February 2005   Where Has the Time Gone?
October 2004   What seems to be ours
September 2004   One truth about teens remains:
July August 2004   Many blessings flow
June 2004   See all issues of life with new clarity
May 2004   A beautiful dance
April 2004   We are meant to be human be-ings
March 2004   True to His name: God is with us
January February 2004   Surrendering my will
November 2003   Making peace
October 2003   We mourn a good priest, good bishop, good shepherd and a good friend
September 2003   What’s on the minds of teens?
July August 2003   Searching for God’s love?
June 2003   Unexpected events bring unanticipated blessings
May 2003   Hunger and thirst often exceeds the need for food and water
April 2003   The quiet gift of new life
March 2003   Walking with someone who mourns can be the richest moment in life
January February 2003   A spirit of poverty means remembering our dependence on God
December 2002   Counting our blessings in the face of difficulty
November 2002   Difficult times can open us up to beautiful moments
October 2002   Every couple that gets married makes history
September 2002   When a door closes, God opens a window
July August 2002   With all our heart
May June 2002   Our willingness to devote our lives
April 2002   "I finally got Him!"
March 2002   Sharing God’s compassionate forgiveness
January 2002   Richly blessed by family and faith
October 2001   My favorite time of year
September 2001   You are the future and the present
July August 2001   The Sundays of my childhood taught me something – how to be a child of God
May June 2001   I leave with a heart full of love
April 2001   Who can be saved?
March 2001   Unity with diversity
February 2001   We share a lot in faith
January 2001   A theory about truth
December 2000   Receiving God’s gift
November 2000   A Church of conflict and beauty
September 2000   What growing up is all about
July August 2000   The source of our rights
May June 2000   The adventure that is FAITH
April 2000   Loving with all your life
January 2000   We are people who belong