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its time we rally

It's time we rally

When you drive along the brick pavement of Flint’s Saginaw Street, you may be left with the impression that this city’s problems are in the rearview mirror. New restaurants and a new farmers’ market are evidence of the investment by those who love their city.

However, in Flint, 62% of children still live in poverty. Half of the city’s working-age adults have not worked in the past year.  

When an earthquake destroys a major city, we rally. We don’t blame those caught in the rubble, we help them. We don’t pull our investment, we rebuild. We don’t judge, we pray. Over the past 30 years, an economic earthquake hit Flint, robbing far too many of hope.

It’s time we rally.

This issue of FAITH magazine is like no other. Though poverty is everywhere, this issue is dedicated to the reality of the plight of the poor in Flint. They are not a statistic. They are not hopeless. They are our brothers and sisters in need.

For a moment, I ask you to turn away from the glow of your television, phone or computer. Sit down with this issue and meet some people in your own backyard. When people of faith help others, they also bring hope. Many good and faith-filled people are doing amazing things to help the people of Flint. For a moment, all I’m asking of you is to turn the page.  

And so our journey in FAITH continues.