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  Do I need to confess the same sins over and over?
  ¿Por qué le pasan cosas malas a la gente buena?
May 2023   There was no funeral Mass for my dear friend
May 2023   No hubo Misa funeral para mi querida amiga
April 2023   Mercy and forgiveness with Father Joe
April 2023   Misericordia y perdón con el padre Joe
December 2022   Estimado padre Joe: Nuestra diócesis está cambiando mucho, y me siento tan perdido.
November 2022   Dear Father Joe: I Feel Like a Mom Who is Constantly Failing
November 2022   Estimado padre Joe: Me siento como una mamá que está fallando constantemente.
October 2022   Dear Father Joe: I Need Help Explaining to My Family and Friends Why I Oppose the Upcoming Ballot Initiative.
September 2022   Dear Father Joe: Why are the Catholic commandments and the words after the Lord’s Prayer different from the Protestants?
September 2022   Estimado padre Joe: ¿Por qué los mandamientos católicos y las palabras después del Padrenuestro son diferentes a las de los protestantes?
July August 2022   Dear Father Joe: Why Did Jesus Ascend to Heaven?
July August 2022   Estimado padre Joe: ¿Por qué Jesús ascendió al cielo?
May 2022   Dear Father Joe, Sometimes Our Faith Seems So Complicated
May 2022   Estimado padre Joe, A veces nuestra fe parece tan complicada
March 2022   Dear Father Joe, Does God Keep Forgiving the Same Sin?
March 2022   Estimado padre Joe, ¿Dios sigue perdonando el mismo pecado?
December 2021   Dear Father Joe: How Do I Become Who God Has Called Me to Be?
December 2021   Estimado padre Joe: ¿Cómo me convierto en quien Dios me ha llamado a ser?
December 2021   5 Things to Know About Father Joe
November 2021   “Dear Father Joe – My husband died this year, and I am so angry with God. How do I move past that/forgive God for taking the love of my life away?”
October 2021   Estimado Padre Joe: Mi madre ha sido diagnosticada con demencia
October 2021   Dear Father Joe: My Mother Has Been Diagnosed With Dementia
September 2021   Dear Father Joe: I Hear People Say We Need to Be More Reverent at Mass
September 2021   Estimado Padre Joe: Escucho a la Gente Decir Que Debemos Ser Más Reverentes en La Misa. ¿Cómo Hago Esto?
July August 2021   Dear Father Joe, I have friends who don’t seem to be interested in returning to church since the quarantine ended. How do I convince them to come back?
June 2021   Dear Father Joe: Can Mass Ever Be Irreverent?
May 2021   Dear Father Joe: Should I give to our local diocesan appeal? If so, why?
May 2021   ESTIMADO PADRE JOE: ¿Debo donar a nuestra campaña diocesana local? Si es así, ¿por qué?
January 2021   Dear Fr. Joe: Is Everyone a Racist?
December 2020   Dear Fr. Joe: It Feels Like the World is Falling Apart
November 2020   I Felt Abandoned During the Pandemic
September 2020   Dear Fr Joe: How Do I Deal With the Anger I See on Social Media?
July August 2020   What Does a Priest Do all Day?
June 2020   Dear Father Joe: How Much Do I Have to Love My Enemies?
May 2020   Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People
April 2020   Can non-Catholics go to heaven?
December 2019   Father Joe’s Mailbag
November 2019   How Should I be Grateful?
October 2019   Will our pets be with us in Heaven?
September 2019   Is Christ really and truly present in the Eucharist?
July August 2019   How do we teach our children about purity?
June 2019   What is love?
May 2019   Why are there so many different Bibles?
April 2019   Dear Father Joe: Why do Catholics oppose abortion?
March 2019   Why can't non-Catholics receive Communion
December 2018   In the wake of the sex abuse crisis, how can I explain why I’m still Catholic?
November 2018   How can I follow Christ in these dark times?
October 2018   In The Face Of The Abuse Scandals, What Can You Say To Restore My Faith?
September 2018   Why do I need a relationship with Jesus to be happy?
July August 2018   I really don't understand the Trinity
June 2018   How do I love someone I can’t stand?
May 2018   How can I help...?
April 2018   How can I help...?
March 2018   Will we become angels when we go to heaven?
December 2017   How do I talk to my kids about sin when they disagree with a lot of the Church’s teaching?
September 2017   I feel so distracted at Mass
July August 2017   When we see design, we assume a designer
June 2017   Why is it still Easter?
May 2017   Should we baptize our grandchildren in the kitchen sink?
April 2017   What does it really mean to be blessed?
March 2017   Is religion really the cause of all the world’s problems?
January February 2017   Apologetics or Apologizing?
December 2016   Did we do the wrong thing by cremating my dad?
November 2016   How can I invite my family and friends back to church?
October 2016   Why is there so much violence in the world?
September 2016   Do I really have to talk about Jesus?
July August 2016   Priest, pastor, nun, brother: How are these roles different?
June 2016   What's the point of small faith-sharing groups?
May 2016   How can I be a better Catholic?
April 2016   What are our obligations to Planet Earth?
January February 2016   Should We Send Our Kids to Catholic School?
December 2015   Are Catholic superstitions OK?
November 2015   Are there sins my pastor can't forgive?
October 2015   A vocabulary lesson for Mass
September 2015   Do I have to believe everything the Pope says about the environment?
July August 2015   Can you be anointed more than once?
June 2015   Social justice in this world
May 2015   Dear Father Joe, How can I get more involved at my parish?
April 2015   What is RCIA?
March 2015   I don't think people at mass should dress 'like that'
January February 2015   Why do bad things happen to good people?
December 2014   What does the synod mean?
November 2014   Why do I have to do all this for my kids’ religious ed?
October 2014   Why are Christians being persecuted in the middle east?
September 2014   Why should I believe in God?
July August 2014   What's the point of going to Church?
June 2014   Why should I get married in the Church?
May 2014   Why can't Catholics be Masons?
March 2014   My parish closed AND I HATE THE CHANGES
January February 2014   Why is the word ‘catholic’ in the Methodist Creed?
December 2013   Why should we pray to saints? Shouldn’t we go directly to God?
November 2013   I hear there is a new Anglican rite, along with married priests. How does this work?
October 2013   Am I really supposed to be an evangelist?
September 2013   What if we don’t have a Catholic funeral – do we still go to heaven?
July August 2013   How can I tell what my vocation is?
May 2013   Is it really wrong to cheat on exams? Isn’t it just ‘helping’ each other?
April 2013   Why should I stay Catholic?
March 2013   How can we forget that our son stole from us?
January February 2013   How do I keep my New Year’s resolution to be holy?
December 2012   Is Dec. 25 really Jesus’ birthday?
November 2012   Why can’t we get married outside?
October 2012   How do I shake this funk I am in?
September 2012   What’s the point of asking God for what we want?
July August 2012   What does the Church teach about family planning?
June 2012   How do I Evangelize?
May 2012   Dear Fr. Joe: What do you have to do to be excommunicated?
April 2012   Dear Fr. Joe: Why is the Church refusing to pay for birth control?
March 2012   Dear Fr. Joe: What do I say when people ask, ‘Are Catholics really Christian?’
January February 2012   How do I report liturgical abuse?
December 2011   Why don’t parents take their crying babies out of Mass?
October 2011   What do I say when someone dies?
September 2011   Dear Fr. Joe: How do I go to confession?
July August 2011   Dear Fr. Joe: How do I go to confession?
June 2011   Dear Fr. Joe: What exactly are the principles of social justice?
May 2011   Dear Fr. Joe: What is social justice?
April 2011   Dear Fr. Joe: Is adoration idolatry?
March 2011   Dear Fr. Joe: I can’t carry a tune – why do we have to sing everything at Mass?
January February 2011   Dear Fr. Joe: Is it OK to parish shop?
December 2010   Dear Fr. Joe: Mom doesn’t want life support is that OK?
November 2010   Dear Fr. Joe: Why won’t our pastor bless children?
October 2010   Dear Fr. Joe: How does the pope pick his name?
September 2010   Dear Fr. Joe: What does it mean to be a practicing Catholic?
July August 2010   Dear Fr. Joe: So, why can’t I go to Communion if I have committed a mortal sin?
June 2010   Is there one 'right' way to receive Communion?
May 2010   Dear Fr. Joe: is it OK to believe in space aliens?
April 2010   I don’t like my pastor. What do I do?
March 2010   If God forgives, why confess to a priest?
January February 2010   Dear Fr. Joe: Is the world ending in 2012?
December 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: What’s proper etiquette at Mass?
November 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: How can I convince my kids that going to Mass is not about being entertained?
October 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: What is a practicing Catholic?
September 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: Was there really a Pope Joan?
July August 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: Does God know what we are going to do before we do it?
June 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: If God knows everything, what is the point of free will?
May 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: Can you please tell me why Catholics pray to saints?
April 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: Can you please tell me why Catholics pray for the deceased?
March 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: What is purgatory?
January February 2009   Dear Fr. Joe: What does it mean to be "saved"?
December 2008   Dear Fr. Joe: Can Catholics be orthodox?
November 2008   Dear Fr. Joe: Can I be a politician and a Catholic?
October 2008   Dear Fr. Joe: Did the priest scandals prove that a celibate priesthood is unrealistic?
September 2008   Dear Fr. Joe: My parish is changing now what?
July August 2008   Dear Fr. Joe: Catholic school or going back to work? What do I do?
June 2008   If I don't like my priest, can I switch parishes?
May 2008   Dear Fr. Joe: Is it a sin to join the military if the war is unjust?
March 2008   Dear Fr. Joe: Do people go right to heaven or wait until the end of time?
December 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: What does the church teach about Ouija boards, crystals and enneagrams?
November 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: What happened to limbo? I can’t find anything in church documents about this.
October 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: is it a sin to work on Sunday or eat meat on Friday?
September 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: Where did we get all the angel stories?
July August 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: What’s with the Gospel of Judas?
June 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: What’s the difference between mortal and venial sins?
May 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: Who wrote the Bible?
April 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: What is the role of conscience?
March 2007   Dear Fr. Joe: What are the rules about eating before Communion?
January February 2007   Where did we get the concept of purgatory?
December 2006   Dear Father Joe: How does the church pick bishops?
November 2006   Dear Fr. Joe: Is cremation OK?
October 2006   Do I give to the panhandler?
September 2006   Dear Fr. Joe: What do I do if a friend is suicidal?
June 2006   I know this couple is living in sin. Who should I tell?
May 2006   What's up with The DaVinci Code?
April 2006   Dear Fr. Joe: Where was Jesus’ soul during the three days he was in the tomb?
March 2006   Forgive and forget?
January February 2006   Dear Fr. Joe: Did Jesus own the coat he wore?
December 2005   Dear Fr. Joe: do I need to convert? I’m already Catholic.
November 2005   Dear Fr. Joe: What is the difference between TV evangelists and the sacrament of anointing of the sick?
October 2005   Dear Fr. Joe: does God make evil?
September 2005   Dear Fr. Joe: how do I deal with jealousy?
July August 2005   Why doesn't God answer my prayer?
June 2005   Why do we need a pope anyway?
April 2005   Can Catholics Believe in Evolution?
January February 2005   Are All Religions 'Right' and is the Host Really Jesus' Flesh?
October 2004   Is it OK to steal from Bill Gates?
September 2004   Did Jesus ever talk about sex? Are the rules man-made?
July August 2004   Why is it wrong for a couple to live together and 'try out' marriage?
June 2004   Are cremation and organ donation OK?
May 2004   Am I failing to honor my mother by putting her in a nursing home?
April 2004   What are the 'Gnostic gospels'?
March 2004   Is there truth to the book The Da Vinci Code?
January February 2004   Dear Fr. Joe: Do Catholics only have 9 commandments?
November 2003   Peacemakers or breakers
September 2003   Quick answers you can use to defend your faith
July August 2003   What can I do to keep my child pure?
June 2003   Why are they changing the Mass?
May 2003   What gives the church authority to tell us what's right and wrong?
April 2003   What kind of pride is sinful?
March 2003   Are there saints we don't celebrate? If so, why not?
January February 2003   Did Jesus have any brothers or sisters?
December 2002   Because of all our devotions, some say our faith is too complicated?
November 2002   Why is the Church against euthanasia?
October 2002   Why does the Church require nine months preparation before marriage?
September 2002   My parents don't want me to hang out with some friends, what should I do?
July August 2002   Why does the Church require priests to be celibate?
May June 2002   When priests sin, are they judged more harshly by God?
April 2002   Why is the tabernacle off to the side from the main sanctuary?
March 2002   What is the problem with general absolution?
January 2002   I can't get my grandson to come to church. What should I do?
December 2001   In the midst of tragedy, how can we celebrate this Christmas season?
November 2001   The Church's response to Sept 11: Can we go to war?
October 2001   My brother says he is no longer Catholic, what should I do?
September 2001   Can I believe in Wicca and still be Catholic?
May June 2001   What happens to us when we die? Do we believe in reincarnation?
April 2001   Why do we believe in heaven, hell and purgatory if they aren't in the Bible?
March 2001   Why do non-Catholics say the Creed? What's up with that?
February 2001   Can only Catholics get into heaven?
January 2001   What is the deal with God in science?
December 2000   Christmas recalls the day of Jesus' birth
November 2000   Why should I go to a celibate priest for help when my marriage is in trouble?
September 2000   What is Confirmation?
July August 2000   I am a divorced Catholic, can I receive holy communion?
May June 2000   Make faithfulness our goal
April 2000   Why did Jesus have to die?
March 2000   Why do I have to go to Mass when I can pray alone?
February 2000   The great question: So what?
January 2000   I'm honored and will do my best