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March 2009   The faith’s most famous convert – Saul became St. Paul
July August 2016   My best day as a priest
April 2016   Be an ambassador of Jesus
January February 2016   An encounter with mercy
December 2015   Look for Jesus, Mary and Jospeh in the faces of today's refugees
July August 2015   A good priest, a servant priest
April 2015   To Harbor the Harborless
January February 2015   Spiritual Hunger
December 2014   Presence, not presents, this Christmas
April 2012   Justice needs mercy
January February 2012   What is courage?
December 2011   The birth of a child
July August 2011   What is God calling me to be? A step-by-step guide to discernment
April 2011   God gave you gifts – what are you going to do with them?
January February 2011   How much do you know about what you believe?
January February 2011   A Joyous Home Blessing
December 2010   Joy to the world!
July August 2010   My vocation as a priest
June 2010   What does an engaged parish look like?
April 2010   What does it mean to evangelize?
December 2009   From one magazine to America’s fastest-growing Catholic publisher
June 2009   St. Paul The Catholic Apostle
January February 2009   Light in Darkness
July August 2008   Can we feel safe?
January February 2008   Why should we care about our history?
December 2007   Peace In Our Time
July August 2007   “Love one another as I have loved you.”
June 2007   The power of generosity
April 2007   Pleasure, happiness, joy
January February 2007   Stem cell research
July August 2006   “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord
April 2006   Saying goodbye to my mother
December 2005   I was baptized
July August 2005   Joseph’s miracle at Lourdes
June 2005   A baroque pope?
April 2005   Natural law
January February 2005   Retired yet active
July August 2004   Purity of the body is grounded in purity of the soul
June 2004   Does human life belong to us or God?
April 2004   The Sabbath
January February 2004   A journey:
July August 2003   Purity of heart and the 6th Commandment
June 2003   What side of the Lord do you stand on?
April 2003   Why meekness doesn’t mean weakness
January February 2003   Who are the ‘poor’ who will inherit the Kingdom?
December 2002   Remembering a forgotten devotion
July August 2002   Families and vocations
April 2002   Ethnic parishes help keep faith alive for those in a new world
January 2002   Are you saved?
July August 2001   How is retirement going?
April 2001   Did Jesus Really Descend into Hell?
January 2001   Ecumenical experiences
December 2000   Our Reason for celebration
July August 2000   Our American Rights
April 2000   Eternal Easter Visions
February 2000   Catholics as Evangelists
January 2000   Old Janus and a New Year – looking both ahead and behind
June 2011   Do you give the most important gift - time?
June 2012   Faith is reasonable
June 2014   The Church and the Affordable Care Act
March 2000   The Desert Experience
March 2001   Embracing other rites
March 2002   My most powerful and beautiful experience of reconciliation
March 2003   Why the beatitudes are a guide to happiness
March 2004   Use the Lord’s name: as you would the name of a loved one
March 2007   Let go and let God
March 2008   The Greatest Generation – at home
March 2010   What’s a steward? Are you one?
March 2011   How do we encourage each other to participate in the Church?
March 2012   What do we mean by 'justice'?
March 2015   Clothing the naked
March 2016   Human rights come from God
May 2003   Our hunger and thirst for righteousness
May 2004   How I honor my parents
May 2006   Faith or reason?
May 2008   Will the real baby boomer please stand up?
May 2010   What is Catholic Education?
May 2011   The wedding feast of the Lamb
May 2012   How should we be generous?
May 2015   Visiting the sick
May 2016   Our mothers - the wellspring of human life
May June 2000   Where Are You Going?
May June 2001   My experience of having cancer
May June 2002   The local effects of Pentecost
November 2000   Holiday Time, Family Time
November 2003   Peacemaking is not an easy task
November 2005   Hurricane Katrina
November 2006   Heaven, purgatory, hell
November 2007   Patient suffering
November 2008   St. Paul a reformed bully
November 2010   Accepting Loss
November 2014   The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
November 2015   Spend some time comforting others
October 2000   Women of the Church
October 2001   What my sisters mean to me
October 2002   Why true love waits
October 2004   Stealing: More going on than meets the eye
October 2005   Where does evil come from?
October 2006   Don’t worry – be happy
October 2008   Dear Student – Where's God in your life?
October 2009   A year for priests – Please pray for all of us
October 2015   Walk the Journey of Conversion
October 2016   Empowered by the Holy Spirit
September 2000   The Joy of God
September 2001   Tapping into a yearning and fulfilling it. That’s youth ministry.
September 2002   An open letter to teenagers
September 2003   How to make major life decisions
September 2005   Top 10 reasons to join a youth group
September 2006   To wish, to hope – what’s the difference?
September 2008   Theology of change
September 2009   Dear teens...
September 2010   Why is the DYLC so important?
September 2011   Lay ministers responding to God's call
September 2014   Keeping your promises
September 2015   What did Jesus mean when he told us not to judge?
September 2016   The Church is our home for forgiveness