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By Father Charles Irvin

The birth of a child

The birth of a child brings with it Love’s insistent call. That child’s mother will never ever again not be a mother; that child’s father will never ever again not be a father. That newborn child comes to us from Love and summons us to make our life’s journey to Love.

The birth of Jesus is God’s gift of love incarnate, given to us in our humanity, in our flesh and to our souls. It is to Love we are called and to make our way through life. The consequences are eternal, not incidental.

When we take the hand of a newborn child, we cannot help but become aware of a special feeling within us, a feeling that will mature into an awareness that God’s power has done something truly wonder-full, while at the same time placing on our hearts an awesome responsibility – the ability to respond to his stupendous creating love.

It’s hard for us to realize that we are co-creators with God. Think about that and ponder over it. Almighty God, the God who created the universe, bringing light out of darkness and life out of inert matter, has shared his awesome and creating power with us! Not only that, but he has given us his spirit, his spirit of love, that we might have what we need to share his love with that newborn baby and bring that child through its maturation to the point where he or she will share in that same awesome love and power of God. The mind buckles, but faith equips and enables us.

Before the mountains were raised, the seas were filled, the stars were flung into the void and the planets were placed in their orbits, God had you in his mind, had you, in his heart. We humans share much in common, but each one of us is special and unique. If God is not loved by you he will never be loved by anyone else just like you! You are the only one who can love him as you.

Christmas is all about Love coming to us as one of us. God’s gift to us is love incarnate. It is to Love that we are called and make our journey.

Have a blessed Christmas!